LivingMortality from heart failure affects women more

Mortality from heart failure affects women more

Heart failure occurs when our heart is unable to pump blood in the appropriate volumes to meet the needs of metabolism. It is a process that generally worsens over time, but making lifestyle changes – exercising, reducing salt intake, losing weight, and keeping stress under control – can be very beneficial.

It seems that women bear the brunt of this ailment. According to a recent study carried out by the Heart Institute of the University of Ottawa (Canada), death rates from heart failure are higher in women than in men . Likewise, hospitalization rates have increased in them, while they have decreased in them. “This is the first in a series of studies to examine gender differences in heart failure cases, outcomes, care and access in Ontario,” said Dr. Louise Sun of the Heart Institute.

The research has seen the light in the scientific publication CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal), which highlights that heart failure is a very important cause of illness and death : in fact, it represents 35% of total cardiovascular deaths that occur between the female population. It also explains that recent studies show that the rates of heart failure have been reduced, but there is a lack of information about how these have affected the case of men and women.

The numbers

To understand these differences, researchers at the University of Ottawa analyzed data from more than 90,000 patients diagnosed with heart failure in Ontario over a five-year period (2009 to 2014). They found that 47% of the cases were women and were more likely to be older, have a lower income and suffer from various chronic diseases.

In 2011 and 2012 there was a lower number of cases of heart failure, but in 2013 it increased again. Within one year of follow-up after diagnosis, 16.8% of women (that is, 7,156) had died, while in the case of men, the figure was 7,138 (14.9%) . Also, during the years of the study the hospitalization rates of women exceeded theirs. For example, in 2013, the rates were 98 women per 1,000 per 91 men per 1,000.

The authors summarize their findings with these words: “We found that mortality from heart failure remains high, especially in women, that hospital admissions for this reason decreased in men but increased in women, and that women and men had different associated comorbidities. ”And they insist that, to improve current outcomes for women, new studies should focus on gender differences in their behavior when trying to achieve a healthy state, medical treatment and response to treatment .

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