FunMost popular Netflix movies to watch on the weekend

Most popular Netflix movies to watch on the weekend

If this weekend you want to enjoy a home theater plan, we will tell you which are the most popular Netflix movies . There are tapes of different genres, for all tastes: thriller, horror, animation, dramatic comedy … Which one do you prefer?

The black island

‘La isla negra’ has crept into the TOP 10 most viewed movies on the platform, and we recommend it 100% for a home theater plan. A German film that revolves around the dark and dangerous of an apparently peaceful island . When a student gets too close to their new teacher, they threaten to come out.


Beckett is an American who is spending a few days on vacation in Greece with his partner. After a brutal accident, he becomes the victim of a manhunt. As he flees through Greece to save his life , the tension continues to mount and Beckett plunges further and further into a complex conspiracy.

My first kiss 3

‘Mi primer peso 3’ has just arrived on Netflix and has already become a success on the platform. The film takes place in the summer before Elle Vans goes to college , and she has a very important decision to make. A very funny romantic comedy.

In the best moment

An Italian dramatic comedy that is receiving very good ratings from the public. Marta is a young orphan who suffers from a fatal illness , but she maintains a very positive attitude in the face of life’s adversities. She is ready to find love, and one day what seems to be her better half suddenly appears.


‘Alive’ is a perfect American animated film to watch as a family. It tells the life of Vivo, a honey bear from the rainforest who has a special gift for music . He looks for the best way to travel from Havana to Miami to deliver a song to his owner’s former love.

Deadly move

And finally, ‘Deadly move’, one of the best Netflix movies to watch on the weekend. A couple accepts a deal and moves into a dream home to save their marriage. But shortly after arriving, disturbing events begin to occur that reveal the dark past of the place .

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