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MotoGP – Marc and Alex Márquez, with Guardiola's Manchester City

Before facing the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend, Marc and Alex Márquez took advantage of Wednesday’s day to travel to Manchester and visit the citizen sports city.

The brothers from Cervera (Lleida), well-known followers of Fútbol Club Barcelona, met again with the now Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola, whom they already met during his time with the culé team.

The English team took the opportunity to ‘sign’ the Márquez, to whom they gave each one a shirt with their name and MotoGP number.

In addition to witnessing the training, the two pilots were photographed with some players from the squad, including the Spanish internationals Ferrán Torres and Rodri , and also sat down to lunch with part of the Manchester City coaching staff.

(Before reading on, click on the image to see all the photos of Marc and Alex Márquez in Guardiola’s Manchester City training)

(In the photo, goalkeeper Ederson, Doyle, Ruben Dias, Alex Márquez and Bernardo Silva above; Ferrán Torres, Gundogan, Marc Márquez and Zinchenko below)

Pep Guardiola said: “We are lucky to have Marc here, who has arrived under the sun’s rays and normally it is foggy or rainy here. It has been nice to receive a world champion like him, to have the pleasure of having him visit us and share a few moments. It’s an honor, so thanks for coming.”

“We play with a ball, he is on a motorcycle. Of course, it is completely different, but if you want to win, improve and raise your level, you have to have the right mindset. When you are champion many times, you know that it is because you are something Unfortunately, he has been injured, but he is improving and I am sure he will prolong his career and make the people who love the sport happy.”

“We met for the first time before the Champions League final in Barcelona, I think in 2011, 2012. That he visits us is an incredible compliment for us.”

For his part, Marc Márquez commented: “I feel very fortunate for this day, to follow Manchester City’s training closely. It has been impressive to see how Pep trains and directs the players. As a great football fan, it has been a pleasure And it’s impressive where we are and how City is organized, trying to be the best team.”

“Pep Guardiola is one of those people that you try to analyze, learn from him, his way of being, his way of speaking and his way of training. He is a coach, but for me, how he does it is impressive. It was a nice chat with him and we learned a few things.”

“The passion is the most important thing and the things that can be shared between the two: the experience, the pressure, all those things. We talked a bit with Pep about these things, and I was very interested in understanding how he manages all these aspects.”

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