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MotoGP prepares the start of 2022 in the stadium of the World Cup final

MotoGP will restart its engines at the Qatar Grand Prix, which takes place this weekend at the Losail circuit. The queen category visits the Middle Eastern country for the 17th time since its premiere in 2004, and only missed the calendar in the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Asian nation will host one of the most important sports competitions for the first time, the FIFA World Cup , which will be held in December this year.

On the occasion of this coincidence, some MotoGP riders went to the stadium that will host the final of the tournament to promote both events. From the Losail track, Pecco Bagnaia, Fabio Quartararo and Joan Mir, dressed in the uniform of their respective national teams, rode on street bikes of their brands to the Khalifa International Stadium, where they met a two-time world champion, Cafú .

The former Brazilian player was the master of ceremonies for the trio of drivers who watched with fascination the stage that will experience one of the most important moments in the lives of the players who play in the grand final. Two other people with a background in football, Mubarak Mustafa and Khalid Salman , ambassadors of the Qatar Super Committee, were also present there.

“It is incredible to be in this stadium, to be here with the MotoGP riders, it has been a fantastic experience,” Cafu told the category’s official website. “Seeing them on the court and what they do, and being here with them playing football, it’s been a day to remember.”

The reigning champion, Fabio Quartararo , explained how he experienced that special day for him, since he is known to be a great football fan. The Frenchman, who has worn the shirt for Juventus Turin and PSG several times, said: “It’s the first time I’ve played in a professional stadium, it’s very nice and we’ve had fun with Pecco and Joan, it’s a good way to start the grand prix”.

“I feel strong, I feel like I’m in good shape to fight for good results, but we’ll see with our bike, we haven’t taken a big step forward, but I feel like I have a great riding,” continued the Frenchman.

“To be honest, we have lost a bit of pace over one lap, I lost it in pre-season, but in race pace it has been incredible. We can always improve, but I have felt strong, I hope to have the same speed in the race,” he added.


The Italian Pecco Bagnaia also spoke about that day: “I enjoyed today, maybe it would be nice to always have pre-seasons like this. I would like to see a final in this stadium, it would be great”.

“I feel prepared for this year, more than last year. The last part of the last campaign was great, and I feel good with the bike, with the team and I think the potential to do the job well is there,” said the from Ducati.

“It looks like it will be a very nice championship for the fans, because a lot of drivers are fast and competitive, so I think it will be good. The level will be higher, but we are ready and I think we can fight for victory,” he said.

For his part, Joan Mir , champion of the 2020 season, indicated: “We have had a master class and we have enjoyed it a lot. This place is incredible, and soccer is something that I like to practice, although I don’t do it much, but I enjoy it. Well, I can only thank you for the opportunity.”

About the current MotoGP course, he explained: “I think that losing the last day in Mandalika is not something that we are going to pay for, we have done some good training, although we may have lacked a few attempts at fast laps”.

“We can make a good start, although perhaps we are missing something to understand the bike. It is always good to start here in Qatar, it is a track that I always enjoy, but in FP1 the circuit is dirty,” he said.

“Every year I take a step forward in physical condition and experience, this is important. I am young and every season I have room to improve, and physically I always level up, I have trained a lot and I am prepared, but who knows what will happen, but we are going to enjoy it”, settled the Majorcan.

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