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MotoGP – Rabat: "I've never had an opportunity like this"

It turns out that Rabat is presented with the opportunity he has always pursued, that of being able to race with an official bike and a practically factory team, when he is no longer a regular in the MotoGP paddock after having signed with the Barni team that competes in WorldSBK .

At 31 years old, and after 16 courses in the world championship, the Spaniard faces one of the happiest weekends of his life, wearing the Pramac suit, “an official team with a different sponsor”, as he defines it Paolo Ciabatti , Ducati sports director. 

It was precisely the Italian executive who was in charge of contacting Rabat, who at the time the call was made could not answer it because he was on a motocross motorcycle. 

“I was doing motocross and I didn’t take Ciabatti’s call. He called me back after a while and told me that, since I hadn’t answered, they had offered the bike to someone else”, Rabat recalled about the joke Ciabatti played on him. 

“The truth is that it is strange to be here, in Jerez, but I am delighted. For the first time I will have an official motorcycle. I don’t expect anything in particular from this race. But I will use myself to the fullest. I had never had an opportunity like this”, added the Barcelonan.

Despite having ridden a Ducati for the last three seasons, the #53 will have to relearn many things, and that is why he prefers not to apply more pressure than is strictly necessary. So much so that this race and the next (Le Mans) will be taken, in case the agreement is extended for the next event, as pre-season tests. 

“At the moment I just want to finish [the race]. I will start slowly, but without stopping. This is an official team with an official motorcycle. I won’t be able to do more than I’ve done. I take this as a great season. It is a challenge that can go well…or well”, Rabat concluded. 

The photos of Tito Rabat in the WorldSBK tests

Tito Rabat in the Barni Racing team

Tito Rabat en el equipo Barni Racing

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Photo by: Barni Racing Team

Tito Rabat, Barni Racing Team

Tito Rabat, Barni Racing Team

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Photo by: Tito Rabat

Tito Rabat, Barni Racing Team

Tito Rabat, Barni Racing Team

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Photo by: Tito Rabat

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