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Museums in Madrid with free admission

Explore these museums in Madrid that have free entry all day, every day (except the Prado, which is only free for part of the day).

Prado Museum

Officially the most popular tourist sight in Spain and now free (for a limited time) every day! The Prado Museum is the main art gallery in Spain, housing the best works of art that Spain has ever produced.

  • Address: Paseo del Prado s / n, 28014 Madrid
  • Metro: Atocha
  • When is it free? 6 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 5 pm to 8 pm every Sunday.

Reina Sofía Art Center

The Reina Sofía is Madrid’s world-famous modern art gallery, and it really does have free admission on weekends. That means you can see many works by Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, including the latter’s masterpiece Guernica, completely free. Also Saturday afternoons free.

  • Address: Santa Isabel 52, 28012 Madrid
  • Metro: Atocha
  • When is it free? Sunday mornings (10 am – 2.30 pm) and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7 pm to 9 pm

Bullfighting Museum

The bullfighting museums of Madrid are essential if you are interested in bullfighting, especially if you are not going to be able to see a bullfight while you are in the city.

  • Address: Las Ventas Bullring, Alcalá 237
  • Metro: Sales
  • When is it free? Forever

Blind Museum of Madrid (Typhlological Museum)

The Typhlological Museum is the Museum of the Blind in Madrid, maintained by ONCE, the Spanish association for the blind. Not so much about the blind as it is about them, which means lots of delicate displays that anyone can enjoy. A little different from the average museum.

  • Address: c / La Coruña, n 18, Madrid
  • Metro: Narrow
  • When is it free? Forever

Pantheon of Goya (Tomb of Goya)

The final resting place of the great Spanish painter, with many of his works also on display.

  • Address: Glorieta San Antonio de la Florida, 5 28008
  • Metro: Principe Pio
  • When is it free? Forever

National Archeological Museum

An above-average archaeological museum, the main attraction of which is the replica of a prehistoric cave.

  • Address: c / Serrano 13, Madrid, Spain
  • Metro: Serrano / Retiro
  • When is it free? Forever

Museum of the City

Museum on the history of Madrid, from prehistory to the present.

  • Address: Príncipe de Vergara, 140 Madrid, 28002.
  • Metro: Cruz del Rayo
  • When is it free? Forever

Madrid history museum

Formerly the Municipal Museum.

  • Address CALLE FUENCARRAL, 78, 28004.
  • Metro: Tribunal
  • When is it free? Forever

San Isidro Museum

Another museum dedicated to the history of Madrid, this time dedicated to the city before it became the capital of Spain (when it was just a small provincial town).

  • Address: Plaza de San Andrés 2, 28005.
  • Metro: Tirso de Molina / La Latina
  • When is it free? Forever

Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art

Contemporary paintings, sculptures and drawings by Madrid artists.

  • Address: Conde Duque 11, 28015
  • Metro: Novitiate
  • When is it free? Forever

Monastery of the Royal Barefoot

Monastery in the absolute center of Madrid (between Sol and Gran Vía) with a series of religious artifacts, tapestries and paintings.

  • Address: Plaza de las Descalzas Reales 3, 28013, Madrid.
  • Metro: Sol / Gran Vía / Callao
  • When is it free? The Wednesdays

Royal Palace

The royal residence and gardens.

  • Address: c / Bailén, s / n, Madrid
  • Metro: Opera
  • When is it free? The Wednesdays

Lázaro Galdiano Museum

Works by Goya, Velázquez and El Greco, among others. If you have already visited the three best museums in Madrid and are looking for a fourth museum of fine arts, you have found it.

  • Address: c / Serrano 122, 28006 Madrid.
  • Metro: Rubén Darío / Gregorio Marañón
  • When is it free? The Wednesdays

Costume Museum

Museum that tells the history of Spanish fashion.

  • Address: Avenida de Juan de Herrera 2, Madrid, 28040.
  • Metro: University City
  • When is it free? Saturdays and Sundays

Train museum

It is a railway museum, which means it is a museum, about railways. Closed in August.

  • Address: Railway Museum, Pº Delicias 61 – 28045
  • Metro: Delicias
  • When is it free? saturdays

Museum of america

It was the Spanish who “discovered” the Americas, and this fact is commemorated in this museum. It also serves to examine its pre-colonial history.

  • Address: Avda Reyes Católicos 6, 28040, Madrid.
  • Metro: Moncloa
  • When is it free? Sundays

Museum of Decorative Arts

Museum of decorative arts, from Roman times to the present day.

  • Address: C / Montalbán, 12.
  • Metro: Bank of Spain
  • When is it free? Sundays

Sorolla Museum

The work of Joaqua Sorolla, a Valencian painter, is exhibited in the studio where he painted them and in the house where he lived.

  • Address: Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 37 Madrid, 28010
  • Subway:
  • When is it free? Sundays

Museum of Romanticism

Museum of Spanish art from the 18th century.

  • Address: C / Calle de San Mateo 13, 28004 Madrid
  • Metro: Tribunal
  • When is it free? Sundays

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