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Nadal: "The Zverev thing cannot be allowed, there are millions of children watching"

After his victory against Stefan Kozlov in the round of 16 of the ATP 500 tournament in Acapulco, Rafael Nadal appeared before the media and at a press conference he referred to the attitude of Alexander Zverev , disqualified from the tournament after threatening and being about to attack the referee with his racket. The Balearic spoke of the children who follow tennis and constructively criticized what was done by his circuit partner, who has a good relationship.

First of all, and about his match, Nadal spoke positively. «I am able to compete well and I feel liberated. Beyond the victories , the most important thing is to be playing and things have started better than possible . If I compete it means that I do what I like and that I have options. Otherwise it was totally impossible,” he said.

Nadal completes a perfect statistic in 2022, in his best historical start. «As a general rule I have never been aware of the numbers. If I play well it is easier for the numbers to arrive.

Asked about Zverev , Nadal didn’t hold his tongue, speaking constructively about the situation. “It is an unfortunate act, without a doubt, and I feel sorry for him because I have a good relationship with Alexander. In the end, I think he deserves the sanction because you can’t act this way. I think that Sascha is aware of this and I hope that this will serve as a lesson for him and for other youngsters who sometimes also lose their nerve on the track, “he said.

“I am not going to go into what is not fair or not fair at the level of sanctions. But in the end , you do have to stop a little that kind of attitude that becomes a little more fashionable, “added the Balearic later, referring to the constant of the new talents of the circuit of breaking rackets and paying for their frustration with episodes pitiful.

« I have read Zverev’s statement and it reflects it very well and for me it is a positive step forward that he acknowledges it and apologizes. Hopefully he won’t do it again and we’ll see him again soon. That it serves for those who have similar attitudes and are aware of not having this type of behavior. I understand the frustration and I understand that in an outburst a racket can break, I do not criticize it more than necessary although I do not like it as you can understand. I have been raised differently. But disproportionately disrespecting the referees and line judges is already another world and the organization has to become strong, ”completes Nadal.

Rafa is one of the veterans of the circuit and knows the importance of setting an example, as he explained at a press conference. «Alexander’s image is already in the world and with social networks everything runs like wildfire. There are millions of children who are developing their attitude and at least a minimum of respect and example should be for children . I understand the frustration, but there have to be limits. Sasha’s is an exception, it’s not something I’m used to doing. Everyone can make mistakes and you have to forgive him, without a doubt. We are athletes of a popular sport in the world and we have many children looking at us so we have to be careful ».

“I am nobody to comment. There is a body, which is the ATP, and they have to take the measures they deem appropriate so that our sport is what they want it to be. Depending on how they act, the sport will be one thing or another. In the end, they are the ones who have to say what sport they want and what example they want to set for the children. I hope that the sanction is not very severe , but as a sports lover, I understand that actions like this cannot be allowed because I am an athlete as well as a follower, and sport has to maintain positive values and we have to make ourselves respected, “he concluded. , about the Zverev case.

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