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New look at the "Black Widow" Taskmaster

Avengers Endgame brought from the disappearance a large part of the heroes annihilated by Thanos with a snap in the previous installment. Far from being part of the “resurrection”, Natasha Romanov was a character heroically sacrificed for the cause and on the contrary, that will not be decisive for us to stop seeing her in the franchise since Black Widow is temporarily located between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. A moment in history in which she is already a hero, but on the run from the government as part of Steve Rogers’ team. For all the advances that have been observed, Romanov will return to part of his past in this spin-of full of familiar faces. Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, David Harbor and OT Fagbenle will accompany the Black Widow in her fight with Taskmaster, whose identity or who plays him is still unknown. Taskmaster (Marvel) Taskmaster is a mercenary who works for whoever pays him the best, and in comics he has rarely seen his face. He has been an enemy of both Romanov and Spiderman and Deadpool and his main skills include his photographic reflections, through them he learns more and more in each fight with his rivals, replicating their movements, attacks and easily finding their weak points. A rival at the height of the Black Widow’s specialty and her hand-to-hand combat, capable of rivaling enemies that do have powers Dealing with the past Within the story that takes place in Black Widow, the character played by Scarlett Johansson You will have to deal with your past and dysfunctional family. Rachel Weisz is Melina Vostokoff, a seasoned spy and a kind of mother to both Romanov and Yelena, who has also played the role of Black Widow.Florence Pugh will serve as sister and rival to Yelena Belova’s character. Finally, David Harbor will step into the shoes of Red Guardian, the Soviet Captain America with his dose of super soldier included, who represents a father figure to Romanov and Ylena. Rachel Weisz (Marvel) David Harbor (Marvel) A family with no blood connection and full of protective roles. Romanov will have to rebuild the confidence of having moved away from his homeland since joining Shield. Nor does it seem that they will easily forgive him for going over to the American side. Black Widow is expected to be released this summer, on July 9 in theaters and later on Disney Plus.

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