SportF1Newey explains where F1 is wrong and offers solutions

Newey explains where F1 is wrong and offers solutions

In 2022, the minimum weight of Formula 1 cars is 798 kg , that is, almost 200 kg more than in the early 2000s. This parameter, established in the rules, has been continuously increased in recent years. and, above all, since the arrival of the first hybrid elements such as KERS , with a much more notable progression when the engines became hybrids in 2014.

Also, since the aerodynamic modifications of the 2017 season, the F1 cars have been widened to increase their aerodynamic surface. If the technical revolution of 2022 has, in part, simplified the cars by banning some of these aerodynamic appendages, the single-seaters are still very bulky, and therefore the heaviest in the history of the category.

Speaking about it for Motorsport Magazin , Adrian Newey , Red Bull’s technical director, said he was in favor of the aim of the new rules, which is to improve on-track battles between drivers: “I think the principle of helping the cars to making overtaking easier by reducing the sensitivity of the car behind another is correct”.

“I don’t think it’s a significant change, but it helps. If you make such a big rule change, which inevitably comes with a lot of other changes, then that’s probably going to make the platoon a lot more divided, especially in the early seasons.”

Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing

On top of that, the Briton acknowledged being particularly concerned about the weight and size of current Formula 1 cars, especially in terms of energy efficiency: “In a few years, the weight limit has gone from a little 600kg with 30- 40 kg of ballast to cars of 800 kg or more”.

“And we’re all working like crazy to get to the minimum weight currently imposed by the rules. Ultimately, the cars have gotten bigger and heavier and they’re not particularly efficient aerodynamically as they generate a lot of drag.

“Obviously this is the wrong direction that the auto industry, in general, has been moving in recently, bigger and heavier cars and people obsessing over whether the power will come from batteries or gasoline. But the problem What matters most is how much energy you need, regardless of where that energy comes from.”

“Low weight and aerodynamic efficiency are the two most important features,” Newey said. “Obviously some safety issues are also more serious because of this. The heavier the car, the stronger it needs to be. In my opinion we need smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient cars .” .

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