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Nobis Hotel – Best Place to Stay in Stockholm, Sweden This is where the term "Stockholm Syndrome" got its name

Stay at Nobis Hotel and let Stockholm happen around you

The ‘place’ to stay in Sweden’s capital is the Nobis Hotel Stockholm. It is a lively, social but dignified hotel with an air to see and be seen. The Nobis has a great looking contemporary style and is a member of the Design Hotels association.

The Nobis hotel opened in 2010 in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. It is part of the Nobis Group, which operates several hotels and restaurants in Stockholm.

The hotel overlooks Norrmalmstorg Square in central Stockholm. This location is deadlocked and extremely convenient.

Is the Nobis Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden Right For You?

The answer is probably yes if:
You are an early adopter and trendsetter who makes sure to stay in the best hotel in town
• You work in a design field and / or simply as design hotels
• You love the convenience of having an excellent restaurant and bar in your hotel
• And you love a hotel with an excellent buffet breakfast included in the room rate.
• You like social hotels with several options to rest and meet other travelers

The answer is probably negative if:
• You like traditionally decorated rooms rather than modern ones
• Travel with lots of clothes that require more than the modest storage space of Nobis Hotel

Who stays at the Nobis hotel?

The hotel attracts a classy crowd, both for leisure and business. By their looks, many Nobis Hotel guests are professionals in the arts, fashion and entertainment.

Buzzy Lobby, Pin-Drop-Quiet Rooms

The hotel’s lobby, bar, restaurant and impressive atrium lounge are full of social life. In many ways, Nobis Hotel is a great hotel with an important and intensely social feeling.

Rooms at Nobis Hotel, however, are wonderfully quiet. They are modern and comfortable, with ultra-comfortable beds and spa-like bathrooms that feature large, inviting tubs.

What Nobis Hotel has to do with the Stockholm syndrome crime

The Nobis Hotel buildings once housed a bank that was the scene of an infamous 1973 robbery. The event became known as the Stockholm syndrome, in which hostages identified and allied themselves with bank robbers.

El colorido bank del Hotel Stockholm Us

Nobis Hotel occupies two connected buildings dating from the late 19th century.
• Its beautiful gabled exteriors are immaculate, and the interiors were completely overhauled by a leading Stockholm design firm.
• The interiors of the Nobis Hotel are contemporary, but a strong sense of history persists.

Modern and comfortable rooms and suites at Hotel Nobis

The 201 rooms of the Nobis Hotel are located on six floors. Twenty-two deluxe rooms are 334 square feet, 10 one-bedroom suites are 463 square feet, and the grand Nobis Suite is 1,055 square feet, with the potential to connect to two more rooms.

The rooms are softly decorated in white with touches of natural tones, in a rich dark wood wardrobe and gray rugs. The hotel’s design firm, Claesson Koivisto Rune, based the palette on the soft, mellow winter colors of Stockholm.

King beds, from Swedish mattress manufacturer Dux, are firm and silkily dressed. A large flat screen television offers many stations, a computer screen, and an iPod / USB docking station. Using the in-room safe can be confusing, but it does have electrical outlets that charge your laptop.

Your room will have a closet but no drawers

The closet closet has a hanging area but no drawers. There is no place to unpack clothes that cannot be hung.
• Therefore, you are forced to keep your clothes in your suitcase or throw them on the sofa and chairs.
• Nobis Hotel does most things right, but this lack of dressers and drawers is one of 12 hotel trends I can’t stand.

Take a bath here

The bathrooms are lined with white Carrara marble. They have a large bathtub with a spigot (but no shower).
• The attractive but completely impractical sink is covered by a sculpted tray, and cannot be filled or used to rinse laundry
• Toiletries, by the Swedish brand Byredo, are extremely white, ultra-soft and fragrance-free.

Wifi, finally free

Wifi is free in the rooms and in the lobby
• Bottled water is also free
• A sleek Mac desk in a corner of the lobby serves as a guest computer.

Eating and drinking at the Nobis hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

Nobis Hotel is owned by a renowned Stockholm restaurateur, Stefano Catenacci. Eating is an important point here.

Guests (and locals) can choose from several dining options. These include the Caina restaurant, which is pan-Italian; 24/7 Bistro, The Gold Bar and The Lounge. The Nobis Hotel’s Swedish breakfast buffet offers Scandinavian specialties such as smoked fish and reindeer, fresh berry juice, creamy oatmeal and strong coffee.

The Gold Bar offers elegant cocktails made by an expatriate New York mixologist. The Lounge, which the hotel calls “Stockholm’s New Living Room,” is a popular gathering place set in an imposing atrium. Room service 24 hours.

Fitness at the Nobis Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

Nobis Hotel’s gym is free for guests. It is compact but fully equipped, with a white marble sauna area with a dry sauna and a steam sauna. The gym is illuminated with natural light and overlooks the hotel’s impressive interior atrium.

Spa treatments can be requested in the room; Treatment rooms are planned in the future.

Service at the Nobis Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

Service at the Nobis Hotel, Stockholm, is provided by bright young men in elegant, elegant suits. They are efficient, welcoming and as warm as you have the right to expect in Scandinavia. Cleanliness is impeccable and the public areas of the Nobis Hotel are immaculate.

Connect with Nobis Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

Connect with Nobis Hotel Stockholm on their website and, to book, visit Nobis page at Design Hotels
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Nobis Hotel
Norrmalmstorg 2-4
111 86 Stockholm, Sweden

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