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Norris reveals his silent relationship with Kimi Raikkonen in F1

Kimi Raikkonen ended his stage in the highest category of motorsports at the end of last season, after becoming world champion in 2007 and being the driver with the most Grand Prix races in history.

The Finn, during his time in Formula 1, earned the nickname Iceman , whose meaning refers to his cold and uncommunicative character, something that could be seen every weekend in his interventions with the press.

In one of his statements, Raikkonen stated that he did not change his attitude in the paddock despite the fact that many tried, proving to be faithful to his ideals and way of being, and those who could be closest to him confirmed this.

One of them was Lando Norris, who shared the grid at the Grand Circus with the last champion in Ferrari history for three seasons. The Briton had his pluses and minuses with the Finn when they rolled in positions in the middle zone, one at McLaren and the other at Alfa Romeo.

The young English driver is known for being very close and joking, something totally opposite to what Raikkonen is, who did not even show a big smile on the podium where he was crowned the 29th Formula 1 champion.

“I never talked to Kimi [Raikkonen],” Norris said. “In our three years together in Formula 1, I don’t think I’ve ever said a word to him, so I miss seeing him, I miss his interviews, but I can’t say anything more about him.

This is how the McLaren man revealed what the Finn’s relationship was like with his co-workers in the top category through a question-and-answer video on his YouTube channel.

However, in his final stages at the Great Circus, Raikkonen was somewhat more expressive, accompanying him on a few dates with his family. In his farewell, Antonio Giovinazzi gave him a helmet inspired by the one he used in 2007, when he won Formula 1 with Ferrari, and a curious conversation could be seen in which the Finn seemed to be very different with intimate people.

Those who were partners talked about spending a few days on Christmas vacation together, even the Italian told Robin , Kimi’s son, that he would visit him and that he would give him a good gift.

It is for this reason that Raikkonen is full of surprises, that he can ask “to be left alone because he knows what he is doing” in the same way that he asks for “gloves and a steering wheel”, or that he misses a tribute to Pelé because he was in the bathroom.

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