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Norris sees Russell more serious due to the pressure of racing at Mercedes

George Russell has stood on the third step of the podium with Mercedes three times so far in 2022, and the only time he failed to finish a race was at the British Grand Prix, after the big incident at the start. Accumulate 128 points , 19 more than his teammate, Lewis Hamilton.

Lando Norris says Russell has had to take a more serious approach at Mercedes compared to his three years at Williams, when not so much was expected of him and the environment created less pressure on the Briton.

“I think he was already impressive before, but the work he has done against Lewis and others, and the fact of going to a bigger team, where there is always more pressure, more nerves, I think he has been very up to the task.” said the McLaren driver.

“He’s been super consistent and everything. It’s been impressive to see more of that side of him, how he’s always there, more or less, except for Silverstone, which was the worst weekend he’s ever had.”

“I think it’s more that people change because of the pressure and the nerves of being in F1 and racing with different teams, and the environment you’re in, I think that affects people.

“Not for a good reason or a bad one. But I guess you feel a little freer when you’re on, say, a team that’s having a rough time but doing well, you always feel a little more like ‘I’ve got it all figured out’ and such. And you want to seem like that kind of person, in a way.”

George Russell, Mercedes W13, Lando Norris, McLaren MCL36

George Russell, Mercedes W13, Lando Norris, McLaren MCL36

“And when you go to a bigger team, you never want to feel like people can see if you make mistakes, and so you feel like you want to act a little more direct, a little more correct, and you don’t want to joke around as much, stuff like that.”

“It’s not that someone changes, let’s say on purpose, but just the environment you’re in can affect the way people act and their image, on cameras and on TV and things like that.”

Norris agreed that the situation was similar to the one he himself experienced at McLaren, where he made a conscious effort to take a more serious approach in his second season with the team in 2020.

“Exactly, it’s the same. In a way, it’s a little bit different because I think it was more of my own decision.”

“Like, I’m the same guy I was in 2019, but I feel like I was portrayed too badly for acting like that.”

“It was more my own choice, but I had also just come into F1 and such, I was probably even more that way in F2 and F3, but then all of a sudden all the cameras are pointing at you and stuff, and you want to make sure you’re acting. correctly”.

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