NewsNorwegian ferry in distress - engine failed

Norwegian ferry in distress – engine failed

Four helicopters and several fishing and lifeboats rush to the aid of a liner with more than 300 people on board. But in the end the crew manages to start another machine.

Oslo – A ship belonging to the Hurtigruten shipping company ran into distress off the west coast of Norway on Tuesday evening.

According to a Twitter message from the rescue center in southern Norway, the aircraft on the passenger ship had failed. A little later the rescue center reported that the “Kong Harald” had dropped anchor and got a machine running again. At around 10:15 p.m., the ship with 306 people on board was able to sail towards Julsundet on its own.

Four helicopters and a number of fishing and lifeboats had rushed to the liner to help with an eventual evacuation. In this context, an ambulance boat ran aground. According to the rescue center, however, the captain of the “Kong Harald” did not consider an evacuation necessary.

According to information from the Norwegian broadcaster NRK, the municipality of Hustadvika had prepared to take in passengers. In 2019, the cruise ship Viking Sky was in distress in the same waters and threatened to run aground. In a dramatic rescue operation, numerous passengers were rescued by helicopters. dpa

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