SportNovak Djokovic fuels the controversy and will tell everything...

Novak Djokovic fuels the controversy and will tell everything that happened in Australia

The controversy that revolves around Novak Djokovic does not end and the tennis player himself will clarify everything that happened in Australia in a scandal that kept the tennis player held ten days before the government of the oceanic country ruled his deportation. Nole was received in Serbia by Prime Minister Aleksandr Vukic, who thanked him for his support and indirect work as ambassador.

“Thank you for loving Serbia so much and for doing so much for the country,” Vukic acknowledged to Djokovic, in a cordial and expected meeting after the retention and forced resignation of the Australian Open of the still – it will be until February 21 – number one of the ATP ranking.

“You, as president of the state, had no obligation to provide the support you provided , but I want you to know that I personally feel great gratitude for supporting me,” replied Djokovic , grateful to the politician for his support during the retention of the tennis player. in Australia, derived from his problems with the visa and with the medical exemption granted for his entry into Aussie territory.

The country’s media were waiting for what Djokovic could comment on what happened in Australia, but the tennis player asks for calm and gives them a specific deadline to talk about the issue. “My gratitude towards the Serbian people grows stronger day by day. After what happened in Australia, I know the connection will last forever . Please be patient, in 7-10 days, I will address in more detail everything that happened there, “he said.

Djokovic will continue with his rest and training period before returning to the ATP competition in Dubai, a category 500 tournament that will be held from February 21 and to which he will arrive as a candidate for victory, despite the inactivity derived from his absence. participation in the Australian Open.

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