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November in Budapest: weather, what to pack and what to see

Visiting Budapest in the fall is a great time to experience the beauty of this European capital, minus the summer crowds. With over 100 museums and galleries and easily passable streets, Budapest in November is a great time for visitors to walk the streets and visit the museums.

November temperatures in Budapest don’t tend to be as cold as other popular Central European destinations, but you’ll still want to pack a lot of layers. With an average high of 46 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want a warm jacket for that trip to the late November Christmas market in Budapest. While the Christmas markets are speeding up, November in Budapest is also the time for other celebrations, including St. Martin’s Day, which falls on November 11. Expect many of the city’s restaurants to serve traditional duck or goose, along with Hungarian wine.

Here’s some information on what to do and see and what to pack for a fall trip to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Budapest weather in November

Budapest is cold in November, but it is not cold. With enough layers, you can enjoy a brisk walk in the cool fall air. Temperatures drop in November but will stay above freezing during the day.

  • Average High: 46 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius)
  • Average Low: 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius)

It’s generally clear in November with an average of eight hours of sunshine, though those rays dwindle from more than nine hours of sunshine early in the month, hinting at the three dark winter months to come. As the month progresses, you will see more clouds and a greater chance of rain. The total amount of rain in November is, on average, 2.5 inches, spread over 13 days.

What to pack

November temperatures in Budapest don’t tend to be as cold as other popular destinations in central Europe, but you’ll still want to pack layers and have a waterproof jacket on hand at all times. A hat, gloves, and scarf come in handy on colder days. As it is generally sunny and bright, a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen for your face will be necessary if you plan to be outdoors for an extended period of time.

The best way to get to know Budapest is on foot, so a good pair of walking shoes is necessary. You will most likely walk from one attraction to another, as Budapest has an excellent public transport system that includes the bus, trams, trams, and four metro lines.

Budapest is a major city, so an evening dress comparable to that used in most European capitals should be sufficient for evenings and nights in cafes, bars and restaurants.

Budapest’s thermal baths are a draw, so you’ll need a bathing suit and one of those quick-drying towels. A collapsible travel water bottle will come in handy.

November events in Budapest

The outdoor cafes are closed, and you won’t see as many people strolling the avenues leisurely, but a lot is happening in Budapest in autumn.

  • November 1 and 2 are All Saints ‘Day and All Souls’ Day in Hungary. Those who have passed are honored. Hungarians go to cemeteries with bright yellow chrysanthemums and light red votive candles to decorate the graves of their dear departed. Sometimes they leave food. You’ll see colorful flower vendors lining the streets around the cemeteries.
  • The Budapest International Guitar Competition takes place in early November and is open to guitarists of all levels.
  • November 11 is Saint Martin’s Day in Hungary (Márton siesta). It is a traditional festival that is celebrated by tasting new wine and eating goose. Throughout November, many restaurants offer special St. Martin’s Day dishes and winemakers offer tastings of their first new wines.
  • At the Hungarian Open Air Museum at the annual St. Martin’s Day event, you can see rural St. Martin’s Day rituals, handicrafts, and folk dance performances. The event offers wine tasting and goose cuisine. You can also enjoy the Saint Martin’s Day festivities at the annual Saint Martin’s Day Festival which is held celebrated at Vajdahunyad Castle .
  • The new Wine and Cheese Festival is held annually at the end of November. The entrance fee includes a tasting glass and free entry to the Hungarian Agricultural Museum, which is hosting the event.
  • The Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair on Vörösmarty Square is ranked as one of the 10 most beautiful markets in Europe. It starts at the end of November.

November Travel Tips

Fall offers visitors a variety of things to do and experience. You may want to do some special shopping or experience a hot spring bath.

  • Ready to stock up on Christmas presents? Christmas markets open in mid-November. Vörösmarty square is among the best and the largest.
  • Budapest’s famous open-air parties move indoors in the winter months, including a famous annual party at the Széchenyi thermal bath.
  • Given the low temperatures in November, it is the perfect time to explore one of the 15 thermal baths and spas in the city. The most famous are the Gellert and Széchenyi thermal baths.
  • Throughout November, there are art exhibits, music events, museum openings, and entertainment scheduled, so check the museum’s websites for special events.

There are other good times to visit Budapest, so the monthly weather guide and city events will help you decide the best month for your visit.

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