NewsNumerous TV stars shoot in Görlitz and the surrounding...

Numerous TV stars shoot in Görlitz and the surrounding area

Whether David Hasselhoff or Nina Kunzendorf and Jasna Fritzi Bauer: This year a number of well-known actors are in front of the camera in Lausitz – for several series.

[Görlitz -] The historical series “Torstrasse 1” with Nina Kunzendorf (“Charité”) and Alexander Scheer (“Gundermann”) will be filmed in Görlitz until October. Before that, there had already been filming in Berlin. The series will initially be shown on the RTL streaming service TVnow.

David Hasselhoff and Henry Hübchen are also expected in “Görliwood”, as the city on the Neisse likes to call itself, from mid-September. You play yourself in the comedy-thriller series “Ze Network”; also for TVnow.

ARD / Arte multi-part series and MDR series

An ARD / Arte multi-part series with the working title “Lauchhammer” is currently being produced at locations in the Saxon-Brandenburg lignite district. In the crime series, Mišel Matičević (“Babylon Berlin”) can be seen as an investigative returnees from Lusatia.

The MDR streaming series “Straight Outta Crostwitz” has already been shot, in which “Tatort” commissioner Jasna Fritzi Bauer was in front of the camera until the end of August. [dpa]

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Before the Munich I District Court, the parties to the dispute agreed on a settlement. What does this look like?

Dead family from Senzig: Police complete investigations

In early December, a father killed his three children, his wife and then himself. In the meantime, the police have also clarified the last open question in the case.

Death in the bunker: Long prison sentence for 29-year-olds

According to the court, the man killed his ex-girlfriend with a knife. The judges decided on manslaughter, but recognized a "serious act".

Hofbräuhaus vs Hofbrauhaus – How important is the "äu"?

The Hofbräuhaus belongs to Munich like the Oktoberfest. However, international guests often speak of the Hofbrauhaus. Many people don't know the "au". In Munich, this now ends up in front of the Kadi.