SportOfficial: Hansi Flick passes from Barcelona and will relieve...

Official: Hansi Flick passes from Barcelona and will relieve Löw in the German team

Hansi Flick has turned a deaf ear to the offer to be Barcelona coach and has kept his word to become Germany coach. He will relieve Joachim Löw, with whom he already worked as an assistant, and will occupy the position of German coach until 2024. According to ‘Bild’ he will earn 6.5 million per season. Confirmed the news that was an open secret, Hansi Flick will occupy the bench of the Mannschaft after the Eurocup that is about to start, which will be the last act of service of the incombustible Joachim Löw, until 2024. According to the newspaper Bild, his salary will be around 6.5 million euros per season and he will form a team again with his friend Oliver Bierhoff, who will continue as sporting director for the DFB. ✍️ Der Vertrag ist unterschrieben: Hansi #Flick wird nach der @ EURO2020 neuer Bundestrainer. Willkommen zurück, Hansi! 🇩🇪 ➡️ – Die Mannschaft (@DFB_Team) May 25, 2021To train the German team Hansi Flick has had to lower his salary, since in the Bayern Munich reached 7.5 kilos net per season. Of course, it will almost double the 3.8 million that Joachim Löw earned at the helm of the Mannschaft. It is not the first time that Hansi Flick will be with the German team, since in August 2006 he held the position of Löw’s assistant. In 2014 he achieved collective success with the German triumph at the World Cup in Brazil. Shortly afterwards, he became sports director of the German Federation (DFB), a position he held until his arrival at Bayern. The inventor of the new Bayern In Munich he reinvented Bayern. He arrived as interim coach in November 2020 after the dismissal of Niko Kovac and in December he had already won his tenure until the end of the course.He won it all last year, he equaled the famous Barça sextet of Guardiola, but this season he announced in April that he was leaving the Allianz Arena Now, after rejecting multiple approaches from teams like Barcelona, Hansi Flick fulfills his dream, since, as He himself has recognized, in his mind there was always the bench of Germany.

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