FunOn September 30 there will be a global internet...

On September 30 there will be a global internet blackout: Will it affect my devices?

It is inevitable that the Internet is already part of our lives. The problem is that technology advances by leaps and bounds and many devices become obsolete within a few years. On September 30, many electronic devices will be left without the Internet as there will be a worldwide blackout in many devices.

This is the result of what is known as programmed obsolescence that will leave many electronic devices without the Internet on September 30. Devices that are not up-to-date or that can no longer receive updates will be left out of the large network, and it will not only affect computers and mobile phones, many other devices such as televisions or consoles, will be turned off this day.

What will happen on September 30?

This day, millions of electronic devices will go through a validation process on a global level. The Internet security rules of the terminals that are not updated will cease to be in force, producing that so-called Internet blackout.

These processes have to do with the root certificates, known as Root, which are responsible for identifying the root authority that gives them access to the pages and options of the network. Normally they are usually certified with up to 25 years of validity, something that they will lose this September 30.

If any of our devices have not had the appropriate update, it is likely that it will be turned off on September 30.

What devices will it affect?

Many devices will be affected by this update to Internet validation systems. As we say, with the advanced technology that we have in 2021, there are more and more devices that need to update their systems and therefore, not be left in the dark on this day.

The list of devices that will be without Internet this September 30 include:

– Mac computers with macOS version 10.12.0, or earlier

– iPhone and iPad devices with iOS version 9 or earlier

– PlayStation 3 game consoles with Firmware version 5.00 or earlier

– Computers with Windows XP Service PACK 2 or earlier

– Android smartphone 2.3.6 Gingerbread Including the above

This massive internet blackout will affect all of them. Although they sound like very old versions to us, the truth is that they represent almost 30% of the equipment that currently works in the world and will be dark this day.

If we consult our devices and find that one is within the mentioned list, it is best to update as soon as possible and update our system. If we have not updated on September 30, our device will no longer be able to connect to the Internet.

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