NewsOstrich baby in the Krefeld city forest - owner...

Ostrich baby in the Krefeld city forest – owner wanted

A free-roaming baby ostrich has been discovered in the Krefeld city forest. It is still unclear where the animal came from. The most important information is that it is in good health.

[Krefeld -] In the city forest in Krefeld, two passers-by discovered and captured a baby ostrich running free. The animal was 1.40 meters tall and between four and five months old, said the spokesman for the Krefeld animal shelter.

The passers-by had contacted the fire brigade on Friday evening, which, according to their own information, called the Krefeld Zoo. However, the young ostrich did not run away from there.

A veterinarian at the zoo examined the ratite that evening. He was in good health, said the shelter spokesman. The young animal spent the night in the care of the Krefeld hunting officer. In the morning the ostrich came to the shelter. So far, no owner has reported, said the spokesman. He suspected that the animal was abandoned. [dpa]

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