NewsOther skin care products from autumn

Other skin care products from autumn

The skin needs more oil on cold days, and more moisture in the cream on warm days. But when do you switch?

Frankfurt / Main – In winter, the skin tends to be dry, rough and cracked. This may be due to a skin care product that is actually used better for summer. Because: When the temperature drops, the skin needs more fat, since the sebum production decreases with increasing cold, explains the portal

Therefore, it makes sense to change care for the cold time of the year. For example, on rich and greasy creams with ingredients such as urea and shea butter. A skin care product should also be moisturizing to restore the moisture it has lost.

When one changes the care depends on the environmental conditions, explains Birgit Huber from the body care and detergent industry association (IKW). If the temperatures outside are still high in late autumn, you can continue to use the light summer care. “When it gets cooler, it is advisable to switch to oil-based care. Perhaps, depending on the weather, you can change in autumn. ”Dpa

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