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Over three years in prison for accidental death of pop star Saulic

The verdict has been pronounced, even if it is not yet final: a driver who negligently killed two men must go to prison.

Gütersloh – A 37-year-old is to be jailed for three years and three months for the accidental death of Serbian pop star Saban Saulic and his keyboardist Mirsad Keric.

The Gütersloh district court sentenced the German to this prison sentence on Thursday, among other things, for negligent manslaughter in two cases and negligent bodily harm in one case. However, the man who confessed should be released from three months because of the long duration of the proceedings and his time in custody.

The verdict is not yet legally binding. The court was thus one month above the prosecutor’s request. The joint plaintiffs had asked for up to four years in prison.

According to the court, the 37-year-old drove in February 2019 under the influence of alcohol and drugs at a speed that was significantly too high in a construction site area on Autobahn 2 near Gütersloh. He drove into the musicians’ vehicle at at least 156 kilometers per hour in the twilight, but with good visibility. The two, 67 and 43 years old, died in hospital, a third man was seriously injured. During the trial, the convict left open why he took the car of an acquaintance without a valid driver’s license and how the trip came about. dpa

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