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Passage with Nazi symbols puts pressure on the Hagen Public Order Office

A WDR research accuses a clerk in Hagen of discriminating against citizens with a migration background. Nazi symbols also play a role.

Hagen – After a WDR news report denounced discriminatory behavior by an employee of the city of Hagen and a “pass” with Nazi symbols was discovered, the Hagen public prosecutor’s office started investigations against a public authority employee of the city and his colleagues. One of the men had previously been accused of discrimination by several citizens. The notification of a victim has been discontinued.

In the course of the research, the WDR team was then given a pass, which a colleague is said to have issued to the clerk of the public order. In addition to the imperial eagle and swastika, there is also the inscription “Führer Headquarters”. The letter states that the “pass” certifies the employee “the official and decisive war requirement (sic!) To have to reach his workplace despite the curfew”. The letter is marked with “Adolf H.”.

Right-wing extremism suspicion in the Hagen public order office: the city does not want to comment

According to WDR, two employees of the Hagen public order office who are active in the field are being investigated. An employee is said to be named on the “pass”, a work colleague is said to have made the paper with anti-constitutional symbols. A spokeswoman for the city of Hagen said that in the midst of an ongoing process, they did not want to comment on the case.

As the WDR reports, the man on whom the “pass” was issued is now being investigated not only because of “using the marks of unconstitutional organizations”, but also because he, as a hunter, possesses several weapons and also “in shooting training active “.

Ordnungsamt Hagen: Affected citizens accuse employees of discrimination

A spokesman for the police said it was being investigated “against an unknown group of people” by the public order office. “We check extensively where the paper comes from, whether it was just lying around or was also used, whether it was shown in public,” said a spokesman. The use and dissemination of symbols of National Socialist organizations is a criminal offense.

The reason for the research that the document brought to light was the allegation of several citizens with a migration background who stated that they had felt discriminated against by the clerk of the public order for a long time. Cars would have been towed away several times for no good reason, and “Knöllchen” were given out again and again. At the request of the WDR to the city, many questions about the matter remained unanswered, the press office announced: “The penalties made by the employees of our city security service are within the applicable legal framework”. (ska / dpa)

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