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Paul Pogba: Juventus think of Thiago in case he fails | Transfer market

The Juventus of Turin has laid its eyes on the figure of Thiago Alcántara as an alternative measure to a new fiasco with the attempt to sign Paul Pogba. According to Tuttosport, the Italian side is weighing other options for this summer if it fails to sign the French midfielder, who has already made a career at the club. The possibility of the oldest of the Alcántara arises from his situation in the market and the close to the end of his contract with the Bavarians. Paul Pogba’s is a story of wear and tear. If Real Madrid already gave in in their attempt to sign him at the end of the year, after the explosion of Fede Valverde and the acceptance of Zinedine Zidane, Juventus could end up on the same path due to the difficulty of removing the world champion from Old Trafford . The ups and downs of Manchester United, Mino Raiola and the player make the operation even more difficult for a player who this season is being crushed by injuries, although the British would lower their claims this summer to negotiate the departure of Paul Pogba, the march The England player remains problematic both for Real Madrid, with other objectives in mind, and for Juventus, which is already beginning to study other possibilities. There the name of Thiago Alcántara appears, a player of depth, with notable experience and who still has seasons left at the highest level (28 years). He is in his footballing maturity.Thiago is not one of those indisputable players in Hans-Dieter Flick’s Bayern Munich, although he is one of the most used pieces in his midfield, a wild card in any situation. The possibility of his signing arises from his contractual situation. The Spaniard ends his contract in the summer of 2021, so his last season signed at the club would start from June.At the moment, there are no signs of an upward renewal, so the player and the German entity could hear offers such as those of Juventus. Emre Can’s departure from Turin to Borussia Dortmund puts the midfield of the Italians for next season, hence the need to sign a midfielder. Both objectives, in this case, would ostensibly improve the German’s march, in another demanding and motivational movement in Turin with a Cristiano Ronaldo who maintains his best level at 35 …

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