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People die in a fire – the fire brigade crashes into a truck

A fire engine is on the way to a fatal house fire in Jülich when it crashes violently with a truck. Nine people are injured, the damage is immense.

Jülich – On the way to a house fire in Jülich, a fire engine crashed into a truck and caused immense damage. Nine people were injured, some seriously, including the seven emergency services, as the police announced.

Accordingly, the force of the impact on Monday evening was so great that the truck loaded with sugar beet was thrown into a car at an intersection and then into the window of a tanning salon.

Some of the loaded turnips spread across the street. The collision severely damaged the vehicles and the tanning salon building. The police estimated the property damage to be at least 100,000 euros.

According to the information, the fire truck was on the move with the blue light and siren switched on and wanted to drive over an intersection when it was red. The car collided with the truck driver (33) coming from the left. The 33-year-old was seriously injured and, like the other eight injured, was taken to a hospital.

The emergency vehicle of the volunteer fire brigade was on the way to support the house fire in which a person was killed. According to the police, other firefighters were already there at the time of the accident. “A connection between the death of the person and the crashed fire engine cannot be established,” it said.



A fire brigade fire engine can be seen working on an apartment fire.

The police reported that the dead person was the 83-year-old resident of the family home. The identity has not yet been finally clarified. The cause of the fire was also initially unclear. dpa

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