SportF1Perez makes history in Monaco, sensational podium of Sainz

Perez makes history in Monaco, sensational podium of Sainz

With the storm as the unexpected protagonist, the 2022 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix began, the seventh test of the year in which Charles Leclerc intended to regain the world championship lead after losing it due to his abandonment due to mechanical problems in the last race in Spain.

However, a poor strategy on the part of Ferrari caused the driver who defended the pole position at home to give up the victory to Sergio Pérez, who took advantage of the change from intermediate to dry tires to get his first win this season and celebrate for everything high in the Principality.

The Red Bull driver makes history by being the first Mexican to win on the streets of the country of the Côte d’Azur, and consolidates his great form by adding another 25 points to his private locker.

The podium had a Latin accent, and it is that Carlos Sainz showed his calculating side to maintain second place in a strategy going from extreme rain tires to dry ones, without going through the intermediate ones, cutting distances with respect to the leaders in the classification general.

In the last drawer of the podium was occupied by Max Verstappen, who minimized damage compared to Charles Leclerc, who for another year was left with honey on his lips without achieving the long-awaited victory on the streets that saw him grow up.

Behind these four drivers finished George Russell and Lando Norris, who remained without major problems in these places from the beginning of the race, adding valuable points to achieve their respective objectives.

Fernando Alonso was another of the great protagonists, holding off Lewis Hamilton throughout the event and creating a train of single-seaters that extended to the last classified, although in the final moments he was able to separate himself from the peloton to add for the second consecutive time after Barcelona.

Closing out the top ten were Esteban Ocon and Valtteri Bottas, but a five-second penalty on the Frenchman lifted Sebastian Vettel to tenth place to take the last point at stake.

Formula 1 Monaco GP 2022 Race Results

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Cla Pilot laps Weather Difference
1 MexicoSergio Perez 64
two SpainCarlos Sainz Jr. 64 1,154 1,154
3 NetherlandsMax Verstappen 64 1.491 1.491
4 MonacoCharles Leclerc 64 2.922 2.922
5 United KingdomGeorge Russell 64 11.968 11.968
6 United KingdomLando Norris 64 12.231 12.231
7 SpainFernando Alonso 64 46.358 46.358
8 United KingdomLewis Hamilton 64 50.388 50.388
9 FinlandValtteri Bottas 64 52.525 52.525
10 GermanySebastian Vettel 64 53.536 53.536

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 Race Summary

Everything seemed to be ready to start the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022, but the rain made an appearance to delay the start of the race, and the FIA decided that the formation lap would not take place until the 15th: 16 local time , 16 minutes later than initially scheduled.

Chaos took over the Principality, and to avoid risks, Race Direction indicated that the drivers would go out on the track behind the safety car, and as time progressed, they included new rules, since they announced that everyone would start with wet tires extreme.

When the clock struck the hour, the fastest single-seaters on the planet followed the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series for the formation lap, but after a single lap, those responsible for the grand prix agreed to raise the red flag to stop the session and Evaluate the situation as time goes by.

After the storm in the streets of the Côte d’Azur country, the FIA confirmed that the drivers would have 10 minutes to prepare from 3:55 p.m. local time, with which the race would really start at 4:05 p.m. , 65 minutes later than originally planned.

The real race begins after the memory of the 2021 Belgian GP (Lap 1 of 77)

Because the cars passed the finish line once, the test was shortened by one lap, meaning instead of the scheduled 78 laps , they would complete 77 from the moment Charles Leclerc left the pitlane to defend his pole. position.

Seeing the conditions of the asphalt, Race Direction decided to wave the green flag, although from a start as if it were the resumption of a safety car. However, before even going full throttle, the two Canadians, Nicholas Latifi and Lance Stroll, hit the wall, albeit without major consequences and both were able to continue.

It was very difficult to stay on the track, and there were hardly any positional movements, since trying to pass in Monaco with water is almost impossible. Pierre Gasly opted for the intermediate tire, the first to do so, and Mick Schumacher joined just a few laps later, while Max Verstappen closed in on Sergio Pérez after seeing the two Ferraris break away in just five laps.

Intermediate tire dance begins (Lap 7 of 77)

From lap 7, the intermediates seemed faster, because Gasly was setting the best times, which led to the call to the pits of Sebastian Vettel and the other AlphaTauri, Yuki Tsunoda’s. As the test unfolded, the distances stabilized, the intermediate tires became stronger, something that could be seen in the harassment that ended in the Frenchman knocking down Guanyu Zhou, whom he passed in Mirabeau.

Gasly was becoming the protagonist, and he was the one who led the way to make the move to mixed conditions wheels, as well as leaving another great overtake on Daniel Ricciardo to move up to 12th position on lap 14 between Tabac and the entry of the pool chicane.

However, there was a fairly viable option that could be taken into account, and that was to go directly for the dry tires, as Carlos Sainz Jr. asked his team on the radio while trying to cut time from the race leader, Charles Leclerc.

The first to put the intermediates in the group of the top ten was Lewis Hamilton, who went through the pits on lap 16 , losing only position with respect to Esteban Ocon. Sergio Pérez repeated the move a lap later to attack the second place of Sainz who was going to stop but decided to continue and go for the dry tire.

Turning point to pit or not (Lap 19 of 77)

But it was on lap 19 when the driver who led the table stopped to ride the intermediates, like Max Verstappen, who cut Sainz at a rate of several seconds per lap, while Ocon and Hamilton fought an all-out battle, reaching touched in Sainte-Dévote.

The madness began just three laps later, when Ferrari called both of its drivers into the pits to put on the hard dry compounds at once in a decision that hurt Leclerc, falling behind Sainz. In Red Bull they copied those from Maranello but took the lead in the race with Checo Pérez.

Behind, Fernando Alonso did the same as his compatriot to retain seventh place, behind George Russell and Lando Norris, although ahead of Lewis Hamilton, his teammate, Esteban Ocon, and Lance Stroll, who closed the points zone in lap 25 .

It was being crazy, but the race had one more episode in store, as Mick Schumacher crashed into the pool chicane protections, leaving his Haas split in two, causing everyone to be scared to see his car like that. The German was able to quickly confirm by radio that he was in good physical condition, and managed to get out of his car under his own power.

The event was thus held up on lap 30 until 5:15 p.m. local time, when they resumed running after the protections were repaired, with Pérez leading in a restart-style start after the safety car, followed by Sainz, Verstappen , Leclerc, Russell, Norris, Alonso, Hamilton, Ocon and Bottas.

Restart after red flag (Lap 31 of 77)

With everything ready after Mick Schumacher’s accident, the drivers got back into their cars for the last part of the race, and they did so with great strategic variety, as in red flag conditions they have complete freedom to select tyres. Pérez put on a new set of midfielders, as did Verstappen, while the Ferraris continued with the used hardtails trying to seek degradation in the final moments of the Milton Keynes cars.

Starting from lap 36 , when Race Direction realized that it would be impossible to complete all the turns due to the time limit stipulated in the regulations of 3 hours from the scheduled time of the start, they changed to a countdown of 35 minutes to see the checkered flag of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Mexican from Red Bull slowed down to make his medium tires last, while Carlos Sainz followed closely, a second behind, while Verstappen left a cushion with respect to the Madrid native of a second and a half. Leclerc, for his part, was unable to overtake the Dutchman, the same as was happening to Hamilton, who could not find the space to overtake Alonso, who fell 15 seconds behind Norris.

A time trial with degradation (30 minutes to the end of the race)

With only half an hour left on the stopwatch that marked the limit of the test, Pérez continued to dominate, picking up speed to try to separate himself from Sainz, although it could also be a Ferrari strategy to catch his breath for one last attempt.

Traffic increased due to Fernando Alonso, who was half a minute behind Lando Norris and held from 7th to 18th place, while the leaders had a two-second difference between them.

The Mexican from Red Bull continued to simmer victory in the streets of Monaco, although he was favored by the impatience of Sainz, who, seeing that he could not catch Checo, tried to go to the limit. This saw him miss the tunnel exit chicane less than 20 minutes from crossing the finish line, but he was able to hold off Max Verstappen despite his short jaunt through the loophole.

The man from Madrid did not give up and recovered the lost seconds until he was in the wake of Pérez with 12 minutes left on the clock, just when the doubled single-seaters arrived.

The last effort to go down in history (10 minutes to the end of the race)

With very little left for the Monaco event to end, the top four drivers compressed to within just two seconds of each other, in one of the closest finishes in recent memory.

It was becoming more and more noticeable that they would soon see the checkered flag , and Sainz and Verstappen began to show the front wing to Pérez, who was firmly at the head of the race. And so it was until he saw the finish line, where he celebrated in style being the first Mexican driver to win in Monaco.

The Ferrari driver from Madrid was disappointed but satisfied to be able to taste the champagne again in the Principality, with Verstappen behind him. The one who ended up the most angry was Leclerc, who lost a golden opportunity to win for the first time at home, and loses ground in the drivers’ world championship.

Closing the points zone were the British George Russell and Lando Norris, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel.

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