News“Phoenix” is out: guess Samuel Koch in “Masked Singer”

“Phoenix” is out: guess Samuel Koch in “Masked Singer”

His mobile feather costumes gave the tip: In the music show “The Masked Singer”, a theater actor was exposed shortly before the semifinals.

Cologne – The phoenix flutters home: Actor Samuel Koch just missed the semifinals of the music show “The Masked Singer”.

The 34-year-old received too few votes from the audience on Saturday evening in Cologne and had to take off his glittering feather mask. After the exposure, Koch was amazed that he had made it so far on the ProSieben show: “It’s a scandal that I even survived the first round. That I had to take part until the fourth round … you guys are crazy. “

Koch went on to say that he did not give himself any chances in the vocal show. One of the reasons for this is a bad memory of a school performance where his music teacher advised him not to sing. The rate team, however, praised the actor’s performances. His deep voice moved her to tears, said Ruth Moschner (45).

Koch started out with a version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. After this performance he wobbled and had to fight for progress in a second round together with the axolotl and the pug. Koch’s interpretation of the rap classic “I Can” by Nas ultimately convinced very few viewers.

During his appearances, the phoenix in an elaborate colorful costume obviously moved across the stage. This is one of the reasons why the advice team discovered the celebrity before he was exposed – for the first time this season. Both Ruth Moschner and rate guest Thore Schölermann (37) guessed during the broadcast that Koch was wearing an orange bird costume – even if Schölermann, in his own words, hoped to find FDP politician Christian Lindner under the mask, despite all the evidence. Only Rea Garvey (48) was wrong with his tip. He suspected the actor Jan Josef Liefers in the phoenix costume.

The 34-year-old chef has been using an electric wheelchair since he had an accident on December 4, 2010 on the TV show “Wetten, dass ..?”. He completed his acting training in Hanover and has been a member of the ensemble at the Nationaltheater Mannheim since 2018.

After Koch’s departure from the show, Mülli Müller, the axolotl, the pug, the caterpillar, the heroine and the teddy will fight for the finale of the fifth season next week. The latter celebrated its comeback on Saturday: Due to a corona infection, the teddy was not able to appear in the live show the week before. “I was very touched by your understanding,” said the shaggy bear to the audience, who sent him straight to the semifinals.

In “The Masked Singer” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their identities behind elaborate costumes. In the current fifth season of the music show, pop star Peter Kraus (82), soccer world champion Pierre Littbarski (61) and “Tagesschau” head spokesman Jens Riewa had already been exposed. dpa

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