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PlayStation Now is now available in Spain for 14.99 euros per month

We were waiting for it. The so-called ‘Netflix’ of Sony videogames, is already available in our country for the rate of 14.99 euros per month. It also offers the possibility of paying a whole year in exchange for a 12-month subscription for 99.99 euros (which would reduce the monthly payment to 8.34 euros).

Sony’s on-demand gaming service PlayStation Now currently offers more than 250 PlayStation 4 titles and another 350 PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games. But the list will not end here, as Sony has announced that each month they will add new titles to continue renewing the catalog.

On what platforms can I use Playstation Now?

We can play PS2, PS3 and PS4 titles on the current Sony console and also in PC format.

On PlayStation 4, for example, we can download the titles that initially came out for PS2 and PS4. If you have a computer, you should know that you can only play streaming video games, so you need a fast and stable Internet connection (5 Mbps is recommended to play at a resolution of up to 720p).

What games will we meet?

Well-known titles such as Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, God of War III Remastered, Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat X, For Honor, WWE 2K18, LEGO Batman III: Beyond Gotham, Ratchet & Clank: All for one or Sonic Generations.

Not only in Spain, since March 12 PlayStation Now is also available in Portugal, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

If you have not decided yet, before paying the first monthly payment it is possible to try the service for 7 days for free.

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