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Pokémon GO: all missions of the special research task for Tepig Community Day

Something that has become common in Pokémon GO for a long time is that Community Days have their own special research task. Today has not been an exception due to this new event dedicated to Tepig , so we invite you to read the following guide so that you are clear about the missions that you will have to complete.

All missions of the special investigation task for Tepig Community Day

Special investigation assignments are generally free for everyone. However, those of the Community Days are paid, so you will have to go to the cashier to get the pass that will give you access to this task called “Toasted Berries” for 0.99 euros .

Although Community Day will only remain active until 5:00 p.m. (local time) , you can complete missions whenever you want. Of course, it will be easier to carry them out during this event because most of them will be related to the capture of several Tepig. In return you will get rewards as special as Rare Candies, Stardust, Incense and much more.

Throughout the Community Day you will find dozens of Tepig everywhere , among which it is possible that you will get one in its shiny version. In addition, other bonuses will also remain active, such as triple Stardust for each capture or also the fact that Incense and Bait Modules will increase their duration up to three hours.

Below you have all the details of the missions of this special research task.

Step 1



Increase the power of a Pokémon 10 times

Poké Ball x15

Capture 15 Tepig

Meeting with Tepig

Make 5 Good Throws

Candy Tepig x20

Rewards for completing missions : Stardust x2,000, encounter with Tepig and Incense x1.

Step 2



Capture 15 Tepig

Candy Tepig x30

Transfer 10 Pokémon

Meeting with Pignite

Evolves to 3 Tepig

Pinia Berry x10

Rewards for completing missions : experience points x1,500, encounter with Tepig and Incense x1.

Step 3



Make 3 Great Curve Ball Throws

Tepig Candy x50

Evolve a Pignite

Star Chunk x1

Transfer to 10 Pokémon

Super Ball x15

Rewards for completing missions : x2,500 experience points, Radar Rocket x1 and Ultra Ball x15.

Step 4



Claim reward

Silver Pine Berry x2

Claim reward

Meeting with Tepig

Claim reward

Experience Points x3,500

Rewards for completing missions : Stardust x3,000, encounter with Emboar and Rare Candy x2

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