SportMotoGPPol Espargaró: "I know I'll have a bad time"

Pol Espargaró: "I know I'll have a bad time"

Pol Espargaró would not have minded helping Honda in the development of the 2023 bike, what’s more, he would have been delighted to contribute his experience and comments to try to improve the bike. But with the exit passport sealed for a long time, Honda has not considered, not even with the long-term loss of his teammate Marc Márquez, to provide him with a single one of the secrets surrounding the Japanese brand’s prototype for next year. .

A situation that has plunged the Catalan into a state of absolute ‘waiting’ for time to pass and he can join his new destination, returning to the KTM orbit.

“As I leave, I notice that there is no motivation to improve. I already know that I will have a bad time from now until the end,” Pol admitted Thursday in the run-up to the Thai Grand Prix.

With the reappearance of Marc Márquez in the Misano test, the premiere of the 2023 bike and the good sensations that the eight-time world champion is offering, all of Honda’s attention, logically, is focused on the 93.

“Yes, the energy on Marc’s box side has changed since he came back, but on my side it hasn’t changed for several races. As everyone knows that I’m leaving at the end of the year, the motivation doesn’t increase and They don’t bring me anything new, no one helps me,” he lamented half jokingly, half seriously.

“I have been in this same situation with other brands, and the response was not like Honda.

In the end, I am a Honda employee and I want to do my job, I want to help them and try things. But I am in your hands in that decision, “he adds.

The broker believes that for Japanese manufacturers it is best not to give clues to a future rival.

“I think that’s a cultural thing. The Europeans are not as obsessed with not being copied as the Japanese. That’s probably because in the past the Japanese factories made a lot of money, and everyone tried to copy them. The Europeans are very focused on improving, trying new things and doing it fast,” he said.

Polyccio’s reflection is extremely interesting and, surely, it is one of the project changes that Márquez calls for.

“At Honda, everything is put in the same basket, in the sense that they finish the bike and they already have it, and that the following year will be another one. In the European brands, the bike evolves a lot throughout the course , and the one that ends the year is not the same one that started it,” he ditches.

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