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Pol Espargaró: "The anger that Puig threw at me was very motivational"

Pol Espargaró came to Honda as a personal bet by Alberto Puig , the team’s Team Manager, but the results, until now, had not accompanied the Spanish rider who, however, this Saturday achieved his first pole position since he donned the overalls orange.

“For me I have already done the weekend. It was a crazy lap on a very long circuit that doesn’t allow you to make any mistakes. It was very fair for me in the corner where I fell this morning. It was a make-it-or-fall moment and I made it. Little by little I am understanding the bike better, the journey is being a bit hard and I hope that this result will give us a little oxygen for the rest of the season”, he said as soon as he got the pole.

More calmly, after a few minutes, the Honda man still couldn’t believe it.

“I still not believe it. I have gone from being in one of the most critical moments of my career in Austria, where I did not understand anything and could not ride the bike, to complete euphoria and ecstasy, very opposite sensations that are sometimes difficult to understand”, he reflected.

For the Catalan it was difficult to understand the reasons for this change outside of his own motivation.

“Things have happened that have motivated me again and have allowed me to bring out that spark that I have inside, which doesn’t always come out, but when everything is fine, I am capable of achieving it”.

“Little things. After Austria’s defeat came great sadness and then great anger. If you are able to focus that anger in a productive way, things improve,” he said.

(Before reading on, click on this link or on the image to see the photos of Pol Espargaró at the 2021 MotoGP British GP)

After two Grand Prix absences for health reasons, Alberto Puig returned to the paddock this weekend, one of the keys to understanding the change.

“This week Alberto has returned and we had a talk on Thursday that went very well, very motivational. Partly a fight, because he believes in me and believes that I can do well. He told me I wasn’t getting the most out of myself. In short, to concentrate more. In the end, a touch of attention is enough for things to go better and their presence helps me a lot”, he confessed.

The British circuit also helps.

“The track suits me better, it’s aggressive, low temperature, there’s grip, that covers a lot of problems with the bike. When there is grip the problems are solved. Here we can take advantage of the soft tyre, I’m able to achieve good things and it’s been like that all weekend”.

“For now I am going to enjoy today, which I have celebrated as if it were a victory, and tomorrow we will see. But without a doubt starting from the front allows you to have a more placid race without having to be all the time in case those in front leave you. We have to think about tomorrow, but after such bad times I want to enjoy this pole position today”.

Pol was riding a lot with the soft rear tire, preparing the race.

“It is an option. With the Ducatis here, I didn’t think I could do a time like the one I’ve done. I thought that if I started with the medium rear tire I could defend myself at least until the middle of the race and enjoy it a bit, that I haven’t done it for a long time and here I have rhythm with the soft one. But now, starting first, the strategy has to be thought about a little more and think about the last laps as well”, settled Polyccio .

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