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Prince Albert back in Monaco: Photo with Charlène causes amazement

After a short visit to Charlène in South Africa, Prince Albert and the twins Jacques and Gabriella are back in Monaco. Now a photo causes amazement.

Monaco – Almost a week ago Albert from Monaco traveled to South Africa with the twins Gabriella and Jaques. Princess Charlène had had an operation there. Now the prince and the children have left for Monaco, as reported by

The trio traveled from Johannesburg to Nice and from there by helicopter to Monaco. Alberst himself does not have a helicopter – for environmental reasons, employees of the Monaco heliport told the Bild newspaper. “It’s a perfectly normal, polite family. They don’t have any great attitudes, they are completely normal, ”said one employee.

Albert and Charlène of Monaco demonstrate unity

“He would also like to drive the routes himself, but that is not possible because of the protocol and safety.” After rumors of a marital crisis, Albert and Charlène of Monaco had demonstrated unity in South Africa. Together with their children, the couple posed in several photos. In one picture, they embrace demonstratively. As if they wanted to say: There is nothing to the ongoing rumors of separation.

It is precisely this hug image that is now fueling further discussions. “The sad princess,” comments an Instagram user. “It looks so forced”, another. Body language experts seem to enjoy analyzing Instagram photos. Experts have now given their opinion in both the Bild newspaper and the British Daily Mail. “The family photo is posed. Albert’s smile is put on. Charlène tries to put on a good face in a situation that she doesn’t want, ”says Monika Matschning to Bild.

Expert analyzes photo of Albert and Charlène from Monaco

“They pose torso to torso and face to face, with Charlène putting her arm around Albert’s neck and holding him in a possessive hug that could almost be described as an exaggerated gesture,” is the assessment of the Daily Mail expert Judy James. “It looks a little impulsive, which seems to be caused by her rather than by him, since she hugs his upper body and is more clingy in the hug,” she says.

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The fact that Albert and the twins are now traveling back to Monaco without Charlène should not end the discussions. The 43-year-old reported several times that her ear, nose and throat disease prevented her from boarding a plane. (jfw)

In the past few days there had been far worse news than alleged marriage problems. Princess Marie von Liechtenstein had died after a stroke. And another death news left the Swedish royals in mourning.

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After a month-long stay in the clinic, Princess Charlène of Monaco was able to return to her family, but many question marks remain.

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This is what everyone has been waiting for. After almost a year, Princess Charlène is finally returning to her family in Monaco. The palace announced the news in a press release.

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Does the constant confrontation with Albert's ex-girlfriends have a part in Charlene's illness? The couple was rarely seen relaxed. It would actually explain the distance.

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It was to be expected that the accommodation in the exclusive clinic where Charlène has been staying for months is not exactly cheap. But no one would have expected these enormous costs.