NewsPrince Albert: His emotional words about Charlène meet with...

Prince Albert: His emotional words about Charlène meet with criticism

One sentence in Prince Albert II’s last interview divides the mind. The stumbling block is the regent’s unusually emotional expression that he misses Charlène.

Monaco – Shortly before the climate conference in Glasgow, the Monegasque royal spoke to the French “Point De Vue”. It was about his views on climate protection, but the family situation was also an issue. The regent rarely spoke so emotionally about his longing, but this is exactly what some critics resent him. They find the statement about his request just before the princess’ return completely untrustworthy. *

Prince Albert: His emotional words about Charlène meet with criticism

His wife is doing much better now. The last operation on the nasal septum went very well, said Prince Albert (63) in an interview. One might think that finally positive news from the small island nation on the Côte d’Azur. Charlène herself had also spoken on Instagram about projects that she would like to continue after her return to the principality *. The reunion * is supposed to take place around Monaco’s national holiday on November 19th, so far none of the spouses have wanted to give an exact date.

Fürst Albert von Monaco trägt einen Anzug und lächelt beim Besuch der Kieler Woche (Symbolbild).


Prince Albert would like to have his children with him (symbol picture).

Princess Charlène * (43) has been living in her native South Africa for many months. Due to an ear, nose and throat infection, on the advice of her doctors, the monarch was unable to return to see husband Prince Albert and the six-year-old twins Princess Gabriella and Hereditary Prince Jacques *. Although Albert and the children traveled to KwaZulu-Natal twice for a few days, the photos that were taken were more likely to fuel the divorce rumors than to nip them in the bud. Albert’s open confession of love in three words “I miss Charlène!” Has now been resented by some readers.

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Prince Albert: He could have visited his wife more often

One commenter noted, “Albert owns a private jet. If he misses her so much, he could visit her every weekend. ”Another user found not only Albert’s statement questionable:“ Well, this couple is a mystery to me! ”He wrote. He was expressing what many think. In the children’s interest too, it would be good to end the guesswork soon.

Prince Albert *, who recently spent the last few days as a single father, takes the twins with him on trips as often as the school allows. In Glasgow they were most likely to have spent the breaks between Albert’s appointments * with their papa. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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