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Princess Charlène of Monaco: How Prince Albert wants to lure her back to the Principality

Princess Charlène of Monaco has not returned to the principality for weeks. But her husband Albert seems to have a plan how to get her back.

Kassel – Princess Charlène has been stuck in South Africa for months. “I can hardly wait for her to come back because she is part of my life, our life, the life in Monaco,” said Prince Albert, 63, in a recent interview with the US magazine People.

The 43-year-old Princess Charlène is in poor health herself and is still in her native South Africa to recover there. Princess Charlène has been suffering from a severe ear, nose and throat infection for months, which makes it impossible for her to fly back to the principality.

Charlène Lynette Grimaldi, Princess of Monaco
Size: 1.77 meters
Date of birth: January 25, 1978 (South Africa)
Birth Name: Charlene Wittstock

Princess Charlène of Monaco: operated under general anesthesia

The princess even had to be operated on under general anesthesia. A short time later, the shock: Charlène is said to have collapsed and been hospitalized. Right before the second operation. The princess even missed the start of school for her twins because of her state of health.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: New Vice President of the Monegasque Red Cross

Due to the media hype, husband Albert seems to be getting more and more restless. He recently appointed his wife as the new Vice President of the Monegasque Red Cross (“Croix-Rouge monégasque”), as reported by the online magazine Monaco-Matin.

Is that a clever plan to finally bring Charlene back home? After all, this office harbors a lot of responsibility that the dutiful princess has to fulfill – and has always fulfilled in the past.

The distance to her family is particularly hotly debated in public. The nasty comments are also piling up on social networks: “The family comes first. You can enjoy the time in Africa with your rhinos instead of being with your family, “writes an angry Instagram user.

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Princess Charlene of Monaco: Prince Albert visited her with the children

It is just as often speculated that the marriage of Charlène and Prince Albert (63) is in dire straits and the princess is only faking her illness – Charlène has now responded to the rumors. Prince Albert recently visited his sick wife with Gabriella and Jacques in South Africa. On Instagram, the princely couple showed themselves to be in strikingly intimate harmony with their children.

In addition to the Monegasque royals, the British palace is making headlines again: Harry and Meghan are probably planning their return to London. (Luisa Weckesser)

Charlene of Monaco: encouraging video for her birthday

Happy Birthday Charlene of Monaco! The princess has already received the first birthday greetings for the 44th: The video shows her whole life in moving pictures.

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