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Princess Charlène of Monaco "is not coming back" – Prince Albert's aunt causes a stir

Prince Albert’s aunt is fueling divorce rumors. She is certain: his wife, Princess Charlène, will not return to Monaco.

Monaco – For weeks the state of health of Princess Charlène von Monaco has been puzzled. The 43-year-old recently had to undergo an operation in South Africa. Prince Albert II gave a few details afterwards about how Charlène was doing, but many aspects remained unanswered. For example, many fans of the royal family continue to wonder how long the princess will have to stay in South Africa. It has been emphasized several times that traveling by plane is currently impossible due to her state of health. As a result, there are increasing inquiries on social networks as to why she is not traveling back to Monaco by ship.

In addition to this aspect, rumors continue to circulate that the marriage between Charlène and Albert is the reason for their extensive stay. The 63-year-old replied that he would soon visit his wife and their children in South Africa. A visit to the sick was already planned “in the next few days,” it said from the palace.

Albert’s relatives cause a stir: Marriage rumors about Princess Charlène of Monaco

The theory of many skeptics regarding the stability of the royal marriage is now fueling a family member: Albert’s aunt. Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor, Albert’s mother’s cousin, announced that their marriage was apparently on the verge of divorce. “If they don’t talk, I do,” she emphasized in an interview with the Italian tabloid Oggi.

Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor über Fürstin Charlène von Monaco


Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor (left) in 2015 (archive photo)

Albert’s visit to South Africa cannot hide the fact that the last public visit was months ago, said Mayrhofer-Dukor. After he had traveled on to the Olympic Games * relatively quickly after a trip to South Africa, that only fueled the rumors, it was said in numerous magazines. The royal aunt also gave very private details in the interview. In a telephone conversation with her second nephew, he is said to have said: “With Charlène I am in a phase of distance, not just physically.” Mayrhofer-Dukor added in the interview: “He only mentioned that his marriage is in a very, but really, very difficult phase. “

“Charlène is not coming back.”

Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor in an Oggi interview

Princess Charlène of Monaco: will her marriage to Prince Albert II end?

It wasn’t just Albert’s statement on the phone that she used as an opportunity to spread that the marriage to Princess Charlène could end soon. In an interview with the magazine, she added: “When I think back to the tone Albert had, I think they will get a divorce soon. These two have moved away from each other in everyday life, she goes her way, he has chosen his own. “

Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor’s statements should be taken with caution, despite her closeness to the royal family. The background of their advance in the interview has so far remained hidden from the public. Her second nephew, Prince Albert II, has not yet commented on her statements. More royals are currently in the headlines: The prince couple from Norway is celebrating an anniversary. But the “extraordinary” princess is terminally ill. (tu) * is an offer in IPPEN.MEDIA

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