NewsPrincess Charlène of Monaco: sweet surprise for her children

Princess Charlène of Monaco: sweet surprise for her children

Princess Charlène of Monaco surprised her children Jacques and Gabriella with a special present. A new roommate causes a hustle and bustle in the palace.

Monaco – Monaco’s royal family has been complete again for a day. Princess Charlène (43) was stuck in South Africa for months due to illness, now she was finally able to return to Europe. A moment that Jacques (6) and his twin sister Gabriella (6) have longed for.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: sweet surprise for her children

The palace made the good news of Princess Charlène’s return to Monaco * public on Instagram and shared the first family photos. On the heartwarming photos showing Prince Albert II * (63) next to his wife and children, the joy of reunion was clearly written on everyone’s face. As reported by *, Gabriella and Jacques even had two reasons to be happy, because Mama Charlène didn’t travel from South Africa to Monaco alone.

Fürst Albert, Fürstin Charlène und die Zwillinge Jacques und Gabriella von Monaco winken vom Balkon (Symbolbild).


Prince Albert and Princess Charlène have their hands full with their lively twins Gabriella and Jacques (symbol picture).

Princess Charlène * was joined by a new family member during the long flight. From now on, a cute Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy lives in Monaco’s Prince’s Palace *, who, according to media reports, goes by the name of Khan. A few weeks ago, Charlène had to say goodbye to her beloved dog Monte *, the Chihuahua was killed in an accident.

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Princess Charlène of Monaco: Princely family reunited

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On her private Instagram profile, Charlène wrote a short thank you message to her fans and followers. The 43-year-old shared a heartwarming picture of the palace and thanked for the support over the past few months: “A happy day today. Thank you all for making me strong. “ * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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