NewsPrincess Charlène wants to "hold together" Monaco royals

Princess Charlène wants to "hold together" Monaco royals

Princess Charlène is said to have encouraged Prince Albert to maintain relationships with his children from previous relationships.

Monaco – In fact, rumors had given the impression that Princess Charlène was not particularly enthusiastic about Prince Albert’s contact with his older children – Jazmin Grace Grimaldi from Prince Albert’s relationship with Tamara Rotolo and Alexandre Coste from his relationship with Nicole Coste.

A close friend of the couple has now told People magazine that Princess Charléne is said to have even encouraged Prince Albert to seek a closer relationship with his 29- and 18-year-old children. He stated that “Charlene was really the one who tried to keep the whole family together,” as the magazine quoted the insider as saying.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – This is how her attitude towards Albert’s older children changed

In an exclusive conversation with the current issue of People, Albert himself confirmed that the relationship between his wife and his older children “has developed over time”. Charlène now accepts the children more. The insider noted that Charlène’s efforts were accompanied by “certain boundaries and agreements.”

“In a way, she stood up for the children,” People quotes him. “However, I cannot say that she wants her around all the time because there are arguments on many fronts.”

The relationship between Prince Albert and Princess Charlène caused a lot of excitement in their 20 years together, also because of the children from previous relationships.

Fürst Albert II. von Monaco und seine Frau Charlene von Monaco haben zwei eigene Kinder: Gabriella und Jacques von Monaco.


Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife Charlène of Monaco have two children of their own: Gabriella and Jacques von Monaco.

Prince Albert is currently in regular contact with Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste. “Alexandre is just a delightful young man who grew up in a very strange situation,” People quotes a family friend. The 18-year-old will start studying this fall. Like him, Prince Albert also officially supports Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, although both are excluded from the line of succession. “Albert insisted on inviting Jazmin – an actress and singer who appeared in the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – to official occasions when the opportunity arose,” said the friend.

Princess Charlène of Monaco has problems of her own

Princess Charlène is currently in the media again and again because she apparently suffers from health problems. She was stuck in South Africa after a complicated operation. She told local media that an oral surgery performed prior to her trip had delayed her return. When flying at great heights, she cannot compensate for the pressure in the ears.

After she was hospitalized at the beginning of September, the spokeswoman for her foundation, Chantell Wittstock, told the German Press Agency: “It was not a collapse; the healing just wasn’t making the progress the doctors had hoped for. ”That evening she announced Charlene’s discharge. A return trip is currently planned for the end of October.

Princess Charlène had traveled to South Africa to support the fight against rhino poaching. Due to the long stay, however, she sparked speculation about a possible separation from Prince Albert.

Princess Charlène’s daughter Gabriella also recently got into the media due to health problems: The six-year-old is dependent on a wheelchair after an accident. (Tanja Koch)

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