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Procedures for birth: all the procedures you have to do when your baby is born

When our baby is born, we only want to spend time with him or her and pamper him or her as they deserve, but the arrival of our offspring also implies some administrative procedures that we are obliged to do.

We have prepared a detailed guide with all the procedures for birth that the parents, or one of them, must do, either in person or electronically.

Procedures in the hospital

  • Birth certificate : medical part of the delivery made by the doctor or midwife who attended the birth where some information is recorded such as date and time of birth, place, sex of the baby, name and address of the parents.
  • Hospital discharge of the mother .
  • Child health document : where the dates of the heel and hearing tests are recorded.
  • Inscription the newborn . In some hospitals, the registration of the newborn in the Civil Registry can be carried out right there. If this is not the case, you must go to the Civil Registry with the completed birth declaration questionnaire (this form is provided by the hospital itself).

Procedures in the first days after childbirth

  • Registration of the newborn : if it has not been done at the hospital, the parents have to go to the Civil Registry to register the child. In case of being married, one of the parents can go, but they must present the birth declaration sheet signed by both. If not, one can go first and the mother later, but it is recommended that they go together.

Parents must determine the order of surnames they request for the first of their children with the same affiliation for the following. Here we detail all the necessary documentation to carry out the registration.

  • Registration in the municipal census : it is done in the town hall of the place of residence and you must present the family book or literal birth certificate and the DNI of the father and/or mother.
  • Registration with Social Security : in order to obtain the baby’s health card, it is necessary to first process registration with Social Security. This procedure can be carried out in person by requesting an appointment or online at this link on the Social Security website.
  • Health card : you will have to go to the health center that corresponds to your address or request it online, depending on the Autonomous Community.
  • Birth and child care leave: both parents are entitled to 16 weeks of leave each, the first six being compulsory. It can be processed online or in person by appointment at a Social Security office, to which you will have to take the completed application form.

Titles and aid for children

  • Title of large family: if with the birth of the child you become a general large family (family unit made up of three or more children, or two children if one of them or one of the parents has a disability) or special (five or more children , or four children, of which at least three come from multiple childbirth, adoption or permanent or pre-adoptive foster care), you will have to process the title that accredits it.

It is requested at the Department of Social Affairs of your municipality or at other authorized registry offices. The ID of the parents, the family book and filling out a form are required. It can also be requested online in some autonomous communities.

  • Title of single-parent family: single -parent families are those formed by one or more children under 21 years of age, or 25 years of age if they are studying, who live together and depend economically on a single person. You can request it in your autonomous community in person or online.
  • Aid per child : the birth, adoption, guardianship or foster care of one or more children gives rights to certain state or regional aid, depending on income level. It also includes aid for disability, economic benefit for childbirth or multiple adoption, deduction for maternity… You can consult all the current aid here.

In this guide to procedures for birth, we have detailed all the steps you will have to take when your baby arrives in the world. Thanks to the fact that many can be processed online, you will be able to organize yourself to dedicate as much time as possible to your newborn.

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