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Quartararo could decide before the summer: "You have to study the market well"

The MotoGP transfer market is at a critical point after knowing much of the interests of the riders on the grid. Although he has been courted by Yamaha since the winter to sign a contract extension beyond 2022, Fabio Quartararo wanted to take some time to reflect and let the competition give him some answers before deciding.

Four races have already passed and Iwata ‘s men have still not managed to convince their driver that stability would be the best option for him. The Frenchman, for his part, has said on several occasions that he is open to change, paying attention to what the competition can offer and there has even been speculation in recent days about the possible interest of other brands in him.

“I’m not going to say that everything is possible, but you have to study the market,” observed the Frenchman, who spoke to the media in Paris on Tuesday morning as part of the presentation of the French Grand Prix .

“Of course, I know very well that my representative has had conversations. I will have one with him when he feels that I really have to decide on the future.”

“I have no idea when it will be decided, but I know I’m in good hands,” continued Quartararo, who insists he has no real deadline. “Honestly, I don’t know at all. I don’t even know where I’m going, to be honest. I really think about the present.”

“I know that my agent takes good care of my future and at the moment I only have one thing on my mind, which is to try to do my best this season. Of course, my future will be decided in a long, long time; how long, I don’t know. I think it will be before the summer.”

Quartararo wants the Yamaha chassis in MotoGP to be better

After four years with Yamaha, Quartararo seems to be disappointed with the M1, a prototype whose evolution seems to have been too limited. After a difficult first part of the championship, with Indonesia as the only breath of fresh air, the Frenchman already knows that he will have to rely on some very specific tracks to defend his chances to the fullest.

“I remember a few years ago people were saying that [a track] was either a Yamaha circuit or it wasn’t. I think it’s mainly because at that time the Yamaha chassis was superior to other brands, but now the Yamaha’s chassis is not superior to the other brands, but we are really inferior in terms of the engine,” he says. “Now you can say that there are Yamaha circuits because they have to be the circuits with the fewest straights.”

Fabio Quartararo, Yamaha Factory Racing

“That’s why we’re going to have to be focused, not think too much about that engine and just think about scoring as many points as possible when we know we have great opportunities,” stressed Quartararo, who believes he has made the most of the first races in abroad.

“Consistency, I think we have it. Unfortunately we are constant, but not in the right positions. We will see what our position is in Europe, but in any case I think we have managed to do a good job, although unfortunately we have made some positions that we did not I like nothing.”

“In any case, [what matters] more than getting to Europe is getting to circuits where there are fewer straights and where we can manage to compete with the others.”

The defending champion, who has never hidden his disappointment at the M1 ‘s lack of progress in terms of top speed, nonetheless wants to keep hope alive about the chances of upgrades during the season, even if the engine is sealed. He intends to make the most of any visits to less challenging circuits.

“I hope we can progress because the difference is huge and it’s not easy, really. When you go alone and manage to make your own rhythm it’s more or less doable, but once you’re in a group it’s something you can’t do.”

Fabio Quartararo, Yamaha Factory Racing

“We have quite a particular style of driving and we can’t maintain the same style whether we’re in a group or alone. That’s the difficulty we have at the moment, [besides] top speed.”

“At the moment, the objective is to try to do our best. We know we lack speed, but in the last race I managed to get it out of my mind in the first few laps. I knew that unfortunately the engine was not going to help us. At the moment it is true that we have only been on circuits with many straights, apart from Indonesia, where we took pole in the dry and had the pace to win”.

“So I’m looking forward to seeing [what it’s like] at the circuits where there are fewer straights, trying to score as many points as possible there, and limiting the damage at circuits like Austin last weekend,” concluded the Frenchman.

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