SportMotoGPQuartararo: "May my sanction help find a balance"

Quartararo: "May my sanction help find a balance"

The 2021 world champion crashed trying to overtake Aleix Espargaró at the Dutch Grand Prix, an action for which he was sanctioned a long lap for the race held this Sunday at Silverstone .

Fabio Quartararo, and also Yamaha Factory Racing, angrily protested the decision of the stewards panel and comparisons quickly came with Takaaki Nakagami’s suicidal action at the start of the Catalan Grand Prix, where he took out Alex Rins and Pecco Bagnaia, leaving both out of the race and Suzuki ‘s with a hand injury.

That maneuver was not sanctioned by the stewards, while Fabio’s received the aforementioned Long Lap . On Thursday, at the press conference prior to the grand prix, all the drivers agreed that the sanction was unfair .

This Friday, after being the fastest and repeatedly rehearsing the passage through the long lap , which he already does in practically a second, if he arrives, Quartararo was more conciliatory with the situation.

“If this sanction helps to find a balance in the stewards’ decision, I’m delighted to do it,” the Frenchman put in.


El Diablo made more than a dozen tests of the passage through the long lap, lowering the execution time and, incidentally, cleaning the asphalt.

“The long lap isn’t that bad. I don’t think doing it a lap earlier or later changes much. Having the opportunity to test it has been important. The dangerous point is how you rejoin the track, because those who come don’t see you well, but you go out and you find yourself there in the middle,” he explained.

According to the regulations, Quartararo must do the long lap before the third pass over the finish line, a moment in which the leading group, theoretically where it will be, is still compact and numerous, which can force him to get into traffic .

Changing the subject, Quartararo also appreciated the words of Maverick Viñales, who assured that he will accept the orders of the Aprilia team to help Aleix Espargaró, Fabio’s main rival, right now, for the title.

“If Maverick was ahead of Aleix, I don’t think he would let him pass now,” the Yamaha rider dismounted Viñales.

Finally, when he was reminded that all the drivers were against the sanction he received, but that they will try to make the most of it, the Frenchman was indifferent.

“I’m enjoying being here. Whether they’re all against me or with me, I don’t care.”

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