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Rafa Nadal: "I would love to be the player with the most Grand Slams, but I'm not obsessed"

Rafael Nadal, brand new champion of the Australian Open , his twenty-first Grand Slam, appeared before the media at a press conference granted at his academy in Manacor, upon his arrival in Spain . The Spanish tennis player analyzed his victory in Melbourne , as well as his closest goals on the calendar.

play few tournaments

“If I play less I stop being a tennis player because I can’t play less. I have played on rare occasions. What I consider is to play more. I have played six or eight tournaments a year. What I would like is not to be so selective.

Win 21 Grand Slam titles

“I recently signed to play tennis. My speech does not change. Do I want to be the one with more of the three? Yes, I `d love to. But I’m not obsessed with the idea of not being. I don’t think 21 is enough to be the one with the most. I am going to fight for it and I hope to have options if my physique allows me. Last year I was close to 21 at Roland Garros. If I am the one with the biggest or not, I don’t think it will affect me in my life. But in my day to day I am not going to train thinking of winning more than the other.

next challenges

«Every tournament that comes I have not won it. My ambition has never been excessive, what happens is that I like to do what I do when it is not a physical disaster. I like to train and compete. I know that everything in this life has an expiration date and I know that it is not forever. As long as I have the ability to enjoy this is my dream. Winning or losing is part of our life. Competing in the best stadiums in the world motivates me, having the right people by your side changes your life.

his worst moments

«In the end we are people before athletes and we go through better and worse moments. Everyone has their goals and ambitions. Until a month ago, with my day to day here, I was not fit to fight for my goals. They are changes and moments of doubts in life, that you look for solutions and you do not find them. These are times when you don’t know what’s going to happen and what I did is continue. I have made changes in the way I work, I have worked well in the gym, which is something that I do not particularly like…».

Inflection point

«I did not think about winning because I had not been able to train well. I won the first tournament and it’s a step forward. From then on there are several key moments: several training sessions against the best and in which I am playing one on one. And then the third match with Khachanov because I take a step forward in level. It was the first big challenge and I overcame it with good feelings.”


“We are in a complicated virus situation and the celebrations have to be restrained. Of course I’m going to see my family and friends.”

The suffering and the title

«There were hard moments because the first set was better than me. In the second, everything changes, what happens is that he wins the tie break and I was not physically fit. When I lose the second set it is a very hard blow. It was a moment of maximum disappointment. I went back and began to believe. Every time I felt better and more capable. Australia is the tournament where I have suffered the most and I have had many critical moments in terms of injuries. At my age, winning the second title there means a lot.”

feel the pressure

“The pressure always depends on the moment. In the semifinal and the final I did feel the pressure. I am a competitor and I saw the options for success. Before starting the pressure was different and it was to endure physically and tennis ».

Doubt for Acapulco

«I have to analyze how I am. Indian Wells I will surely go and with Acapulco the space of time is shorter. I have to make decisions according to what my body allows me. I have been able to compete to the maximum against the best. Training I felt competitive with everyone.

the match ball

«Being in the situation I was in was already a gift, but yes, I was nervous before the final. Other years I had arrived prepared and this year everything has turned upside down, with very bad months and not being able to train well. Between Kuwait and Abu Dhabi I had to stay locked up at home for 10 days. The sporting situation was dramatic. I played with self-confidence, with enthusiasm and with joy. There were moments when luck was on my side, like the heat stroke with Shapovalov.”

Signatures to ‘name’ the Airport

“If the people who have to decide that believe that it is the right thing for the airport, then they are delighted with life and an honor.”

The comeback with two sets down

«In hindsight, everything is always very nice and beautiful when things end as they did. But at that time I thought the issue was very complicated. The only thing you can’t do is say: ‘it’s over’. I was thinking about the next point and staying in the game. When it comes to winning there is always that vertigo and there is always an option. You go from being in a critical option to one that changes your landscape. In tennis, the way you count gives you options. It had happened to me several times in this tournament but the other way around.

The bicycle

«I was very tired and I went to the bicycle. Rod Laver is a historical character in our sport. He won many Grand Slams, but he could have achieved more if he hadn’t gone pro. He congratulated me and we agreed to meet in Indian Wells.”

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