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Raúl: "A rider with the front wheel and the KTM asks for the opposite"

The 2021 Moto2 world runner -up was the only rider on the MotoGP grid who was unable to improve his morning time in FP2 at the British Grand Prix. In the first free session this Friday, Raúl Fernández finished 18th (2.01.578), 1.6 seconds behind the fastest, Johann Zarco.

In the afternoon, the man from Madrid had obvious problems and not only did he not improve his time from the morning (2.02.062), but he was last and finished no less than 3.1 seconds behind the leader, Fabio Quartararo, and almost two his teammate and fellow rookie Remy Gardner, from whom he had only been separated by 39 thousandths in FP1.

As usual, Fernández did not make any drama of the situation, on the contrary, he assured that the day had gone fantastic.

“I thought it was going to cost me a little more, but it has gone very well for me, physically I have felt very well, the only bad thing is that five weeks (of break) are a lot without getting on the bike, and that desire is what has made it not go so well.”


An excess of desire to drive again, it is understood.

“Well, not too much either. In the end I only did five days of vacation, I was recovering from my (injured) hand and I really wanted to because there were many days of training without getting on the bike, it was necessary to go back,” he said.

For Fernández, the problem comes down to the style of riding , as they cannot find a solution to put it in tune with the RC16 .

“I’m a rider who drives a lot with the front wheel and whenever I attack it’s hard, I always get chatering (rebound), I don’t turn well and this bike is mostly driven with the rear wheel”.

“I’m suffering a lot because I can’t get my style out, because when I try, problems arise and we never find the solution for that. In any case, there is room left and I hope we can find the solution at some point,” he said.

As to whether a change in driving style could be the solution, Raúl is not sure.

“I’ve had the same style for twelve years and it comes out instinctively, I try to adapt and gradually change the way I drive, but when it comes out, it comes out”.

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