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Red Bull claims to have 'zero profit' and is 'dismayed'

Red Bull is currently in talks with the FIA to reach an ‘Accepted Infringement Settlement’ after Formula 1’s governing body revealed a few days ago that the team had exceeded its spending limit for the 2021 season. .

The energy drink team has denied on several occasions that they have exceeded the budget limit, but their rivals have been clear in calling for the strictest possible measures to be taken given the impact that excessive spending could have on sports results.

At the FIA press conference on Saturday, Christian Horner responded to rumors that his excess spending limit would have contributed to his success in 2021 and this year as well.

“We are in discussion with the FIA about what those costs are and what are the possible mitigating circumstances,” Horner said.

We had zero profit from a development perspective or from an operational perspective for either 2021 or 2022, we worked within the limit. In fact, our submission [of documents] was well under the limit.”

“We expected that some things would need clarification, as is often the case when there is a new regulation. But based on third parties, accounting professionals, the interpretation of those regulations, of a 52-page regulation, was very clear on our part.”

“So I can say that we absolutely and categorically don’t think we got any advantage for 2021, 2022 or 2023 or 2024 , some teams are even talking about 2026, it’s totally fictitious.”

Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing, chats with Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, on the grid

Horner bit our tongues at rival team bosses who have made strong accusations against them in recent weeks, including McLaren boss Zak Brown , who wrote a letter last week saying any overspending by a team “is cheating.” “.

Horner called the letter ” very disappointing” and that it was “very shocking” that another team would make such an allegation without having all the necessary information.

“We have been in a public trial of accusations since Singapore,” said Horner.

“Figures have been published in the media that are very far from reality,” Horner said. “And that hurts the brand, our partners, our drivers, our work, at a time when mental health is very important, I can say that we are seeing problems within our work dynamics.”

“We have kids that are being bullied at recess, that are the kids of our employees, that shouldn’t be the case and it’s because of fictitious accusations from other teams.”

“You can’t go around making those kinds of accusations without any record. We are appalled by the behavior of some of our rivals .”

Horner held talks with FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem on Friday at the Circuit of the Americas on the matter, saying he hoped for a swift resolution of the case.

At the same time, he warned that it could last for many months if the process is extended further if they finally do not reach an ‘Accepted Infringement Agreement’. If that happens, the matter will be referred directly to the F1 Cost Cap Adjudication Panel .

“We are in that process and have been for the last 10 days or so, going back and forth with the FIA,” Horner said.

“I was hoping it would be resolved before this weekend and I’m hoping it can still be resolved these days. If not, the next process is to go to the cost cap admin panel and then beyond that, there is the International Court of Appeal”.

“So it could go on for another six or nine months , which is not our intention. We want 2021 to be closed now. I think we’ve had some productive talks with the FIA.”

I have the hope of being able to reach an agreement in the near future,” he concluded.

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