SportF1Red Bull responds to F1 2021 spending cap rumors

Red Bull responds to F1 2021 spending cap rumors

For the first time in the history of Formula 1, the governing body of the category established a cost limit to control the spending of each and every one of the teams on the grid, a decision that from the beginning brought controversy due to the possible interpretations of the regulation.

Another concern that some teams had was related to the way in which the FIA would monitor the economy of the teams, since on paper it is a very complicated job and even more difficult to manage from the outside, especially knowing the teams of F1, who always look for the smallest loophole in any regulation.

At the end of last season, each team sent their accounts to the FIA , which had already been monitoring them at the same time, statements that they have been studying for all these months to find out whether or not the ten structures had complied with the regulations. .

Initially, the final resolution should have come in July, but the international motorsport federation delayed it until September and later until October.

Information from the paddock suggests that these delays have been due to some complication related to the accounts of two teams in particular, Red Bull and Aston Martin, but while those from Silverstone remain silent, the Austrians have come out to defend themselves.

The head of the energy drinks group, Christian Horner , confirmed to Sky that they had not received any complaints from the FIA regarding the 2021 budget cap: “I don’t have any information about it. All the accounts were submitted in March, So it’s been a long process with the FIA, and we’re still talking about it.”

“It’s a new set of rules, very complicated, the form of interpretation or application is always going to be subjective between the teams, and I’m sure that, as the years go by, all of that will be better regulated.”

Despite the latest rumours, Red Bull are convinced that they have complied with the financial regulations and prefer not to listen to speculation from the paddock.

“I think next week is when they send out the certificates, but I really think our accounts were under the limit,” Horner said.

“But we trust our numbers. And as I said, the FIA is still working through their process. And I think it’s inevitable that there will always be rumours, I’ve heard speculation that there have been serious violations and so on, but I’m not really aware of it.” .

“We are very confident in the presentation of our accounts. So for anything that is different from that, obviously, we will wait to hear what the FIA says,” concluded the director of the team that last season won the drivers’ championship and fought for that of builders.

The financial regulation of the highest category of motorsport establishes different punishment options for teams that violate the cost limit:

  • Minor (excess less than 5%): public reprimand, removal of points in the manufacturers’ or even drivers’ classification, exclusion from some events, adding some extra restrictions in the aerodynamic tests or an economic fine.
  • Serious (excess greater than 5%): reduction of more points in the drivers’ or constructors’ championship, exclusion from events, limiting aerodynamic tests, excluding a team from the championship or a future reduction of the same budget cap.
Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB18

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