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Red Bull's three bets to win in 2022 with its F1

Red Bull dominates the two overall classifications of the 2022 Formula 1 season before returning to action at the Belgian Grand Prix at the revamped Spa-Francorchamps track. The Milton Keynes team can face the second part of the course with ease thanks to the 80 points that Max Verstappen has ahead of Charles Leclerc, in addition to the 97 units over Ferrari in the constructors’ championship.

They are very important margins, but they do not mark the real difference between the two teams, since the Italians have lost a lot due to their own mistakes and reliability.

The RB18 is the first Red Bull car with the new technical regulations, just like the Ferrari F1-75, so the aerodynamic design is totally different. The Austrian car had a difficult start, but then overtook the Maranello team with six wins in a row and nine in total to four for their rivals.

In Milton Keynes they have prepared a car to leave a mark on the return to ground effect, with Adrian Newey as the main architect after putting his knowledge into practice with Venturi tunnels with various solutions. However, they have taken into account the increased step of 46 kilos of current cars, since now the scale marks 798 .

In fact, the team devoted a lot of resources to reducing weight, going so far as to bare various parts of the bodywork to slim down the car, although some developments caused that reduction to be in vain.

The engineers worked on three pillars : the search for maximum downforce in the Venturi channels, a low-drag shape to benefit top speed, and better use of the 18-inch Pirelli tyres.

The three objectives have been met perfectly, despite the fact that the increase in weight entails a cost of about three tenths per lap.

Detalle del fondo del Red Bull RB18

Red Bull RB18 bottom detail

The RB18 is, without a doubt, the Formula 1 car that has suffered the least porpoising because for them, this phenomenon was no surprise. At Red Bull they were aware that the bounce could be contained thanks to a certain shape on the ground and stiffness of the bottom.

In fact, the energy drink team began the season by hiding two bulky pillars [first metal and then carbon] with the clear intention of reducing porpoising . The front brace was placed at the bottom so that the Venturi tunnels would be stable and so that the flow would not be affected by material deformations.

Obviously, that design choice has come at a cost in weight, but the Austrian car has benefited from an aerodynamic setup in which rebound was hardly present. In this way, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez can ride with a higher load and more performance.

Another positive feature of the Red Bull is being able to quickly warm up the tyres, both in the decisive laps of qualifying as well as in the restarts after safety cars and laps after the pit stops, something that has proven to be key. , although the pending issue of degradation remains, which may come from that excess weight.

Suspensión delantera del Red Bull RB18 y del RB16B

Red Bull RB18 and RB16B front suspension

The suspension has an unusual design, in that it has a pull-rod system at the front and a push-rod at the rear , a choice based on aerodynamic requirements, but also in relation to what the tires need.

In the RB16B, the Red Bull engineers introduced a single arm that joined the two lower triangles, while in the RB18 they proposed that solution for the upper triangle, with multi-links in the lower one.

In addition, the front pull-rod suspension allows you to easily adjust the ground clearance, even during free practice sessions, something very important to be able to exploit the full potential without suffering from porpoisig .

The slightly lighter chassis should represent a step forward, but no one knows if the bodywork is a preview of what Red Bull’s 2023 car will be.

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