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Resident Evil Village Guide: How To Get Star Wars Saber And SS Rank In All Mercenaries Mode Levels

The most complicated challenge within Resident Evil Village is, without a doubt, trying to achieve (at least) the S score in all levels of the Mercenaries. The most screwed up? That there is also SS score and of course the extreme SSS.

Here’s good news and bad news : the good news is that if you achieve an SS score on all levels of said Mercenaries mode, you will unlock a very juicy weapon. The bad news is that getting the SS score is not easy …

What is taken into account in the final score?

As stated in one of the documents before entering the Mercenaries mode, various factors influence here in the face of the highest scores, especially in the face of the remaining time and the accumulated money, without forgetting, of course, the defeated enemies and the combos achieved. Everything adds up, in short. So practice .

Yes, the great secret is to practice and practice to the point of memorizing each level by heart to know which path you should take in relation to the position of the enemies and also in the face of possible combos, to be able to be spending as little ammunition as possible. For this the ideal weapon is the F2 rifle, since it does a lot of base damage (600) and can charge several enemies with one shot .

It is also recommended to sell what you do not need, such as the LEMI pistol and its ammunition, as well as medicines and everything you think is convenient. A good example of this contact is in the uzKDragonn video.

As you can see, in the last section things get complicated, hence it is necessary to fine-tune your aim and select the passive abilities of the blue orbs that prioritize ranged damage or the character’s speed, for example.

This technique is the same one used by PowerPyx experts for the first four levels. Because after the village, the castle, the factory …

Already in the second round for those four scenarios you will have to suffer , although you will see that the Duke will now have other more powerful weapons, such as the magnum. You can use the blinding grenades to finish off the enemies with the knife, as long as you have previously obtained a blue orb that enhances those melee attacks, for example. Use riskier tactics , come on.

Does this mean that you can’t get a high score with a pistol? No not at all. In fact, it’s quite doable, as TesseracT singer Daniel Tompkins demonstrates in this other video. By selling the rest of the weapons and keeping the pistol , you will have much more money. It will take longer to charge enemies, yes, but their rate of fire is much higher and if you manage to keep the combo chain from breaking , you will be assured of the highest score.

Effort has its prize: the LZ Answerer saber

If you’ve cleared all levels of Mercenaries mode with (at least) rank SS, congratulations! Yes, because you will have unlocked the possibility to buy the special weapon LZ Answerer , for which you will have to spend 70,000 XP in the extras shop. It can only be used in the story and the Duke will give it to you later, upon payment of a symbolic 200 lei. And as you will see, it is a Star Wars lightsaber .

Although it does not have extreme power (you charge hooded enemies with two touches), it does have a peculiarity, since its power varies depending on its color. Pressing the aim button together with the confirm button, we will vary this color, going from red (greater power) to blue (defense) and green, where the latter will allow us to heal ourselves when attacking enemies. May luck be with you!

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