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Resident Evil Village guide: where are the five bells of the atelier puzzle

Dimitrescu Castle in Resident Evil Village has two sound puzzles, one of them being the bells to be rung in the atelier room. This workshop is located in the room next to the joy room of the library.

Before getting there, you will have to overcome a confrontation with one of Dimitrescu’s daughters, as you will well know if you have gotten there and got stuck with the puzzle of the bells , because it is not easy to locate them all with the naked eye.

Ignoring the first bell (cover image), which is the only one that is visible from the beginning and we can touch it with the knife, for the rest it will be necessary to use a firearm , being recommended to use the ammunition of the pistol as it is the cheapest and because here you don’t need power. With that said, here is the rest.

Look outside and sharpen your aim with that tower bell after climbing the circular stairs.

To your right you have that bell on the furniture, slightly camouflaged by the painting.

To your left you will see a mechanism where a bell oscillates. Calculate the shot and voila.

The most hidden of all is in the ceiling lamp. Get on the circular stairs.

As soon as you have activated the five bells, a secret passage will open where you will find the very useful F2 rifle . And you will need it for the next area …

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