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"Respect" Releases Official Trailer With Jeenifer Hudson As Aretha Franklin

Respect is the new film about the life of a great musical artist, Aretha Franklin. The first official trailer has already been published by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and promises a lot of music but also all the social circumstances and discrimination that being a person of color in the deep America of the 60s and 70s supposed and the tense relationship with her husband. The queen of soul, passed away in 2018 being perhaps the last great figure in the history of music. The film will hit theaters on September 3 in Spain and will narrate the rise of a little Aretha who began singing in a choir to her worldwide stardom. “Respect” (MGM) This biopic adds to the trend that Hollywood is experiencing in recent years with films such as Bohemian Rhapsody that featured Freddy Mercury and Rocketman in fiction, a musical tale about the life of Elton John. The latest to join this fashionable genre has been Cher, who announced today that Universal will bring its story to the big screen. Respect will be directed by Liesl Tommy, who makes her film debut but has a great, award-winning theater run. In 2016, the director was the first black woman to be nominated for a Tony Award for the play Eclipsed. The script is written by Tracey Scott Wilson, who has worked primarily on the story of the acclaimed television series The Americans. Jennifer Hudson, the actress who played the music legend, has recently been seen in her role as mother in Monster and Dreamgirls with whom she won an Oscar for best supporting actress in 2006.Apart from her abundant acting talent, Hudson stands out as a singer and in her stream of voice some have always seen her as the modern heiress, musically speaking of Aretha Franklin. Aptitude that places her as the best option to represent her life and her songs.Everyone knows what Hollywood’s interpretations of historical characters like. Except for disaster in the production, they all tend to carry rumors about possible Oscar nominations … Will Hudson have a new statuette singing Respect?

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