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Ricciardo explains the accident with Sainz and takes the blame

Carlos Sainz had a poor start in Sunday’s race at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, but looked to hold onto fifth position under braking at the Tamburello chicane. Just at that moment, Daniel Ricciardo entered something past the inside and took the Spanish driver ahead, who was forced to leave after getting stuck in the gravel.

The Australian, after the touch with the Ferrari, was able to return to the track, but could not go beyond 18th place, the last of those classified in Imola, and in subsequent statements he explained how this incident happened.

“At first I thought that I had collided with Carlos [Sainz], but I think that later I had another contact,” he said. “In advance, you know there’s going to be a plug in the first corner, and I think I went on the curb, tried to give myself a little more space.

“I remember as soon as I got on it [the piano], I started jumping, and at some point Carlos has to turn left to do the right hander, so we ended up going in and obviously I hit him on the right side. rear,” he continued.

“As soon as I hit him, I saw him spin, and I was like, ‘oh yeah, this is no fun.’ So I ruined my career, but also his,” Ricciardo said.

“I have to be responsible, I don’t think it was something where I was blocked and crashed into him, but the conditions were complicated,” he said.

Explaining the accident from the other point of view, Carlos Sainz told Sky : “For some reason, Daniel [Ricciardo] went against the curb, I gave him a lot of space, but I think he must have lost the front of the car and collided with me. with the bad luck that I got stuck in the gravel again.

“It’s a difficult moment, and I wanted to have a good race here in front of our fans. There are still 63 laps to go, so being left out at turn two is bad,” said the Spaniard.

“There are always these difficult moments in the life of an athlete, and I have to go through them, as long as I continue to work hard, I am sure that the good ones will come”, assured the Ferrari man.

Daniel Ricciardo , after taking the blame, said he would watch the replay to see if he could have prevented the incident: “I’ll watch the onboard and see if there’s anything I could have done, or if it was so slippery, maybe there wasn’t much else.”

“In your head you say something like ‘how could I have been more careful’, but as soon as you are that person, someone else is going to do that to you on the inside,” explained the McLaren driver.

“Being too conservative, sometimes you can put yourself in more danger, getting into a traffic jam, so it’s difficult. I’ll check the onboard and go see Carlos to apologize,” he continued. “That doesn’t change anything, but it’s the only thing I can do.”

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