SportMotoGPRins: "I went from leading easily to losing traction"

Rins: "I went from leading easily to losing traction"

Winner at Silverstone with a spectacular end of the race in 2019, when he overtook Marc Márquez at the same finish line, Alex Rins faced the British weekend with great motivation, an extra that could be seen in the race, coming back like a shell in the start and the first laps, and leading the first part of the test.

The first problems for Alex Rins, however, already came on Saturday when a problem with the tires prevented him from qualifying well, for which he had to start from 11th position on the grid.

Despite this, Rins again starred in a meteoric start to the race, he was fifth at the end of the straight and third before finishing the first lap, to go on to lead after the fall of Johann Zarco, until accumulating almost a second of advantage, until what happened to Pecco Bagnaia.

“What happened? I don’t even know. In the first part of the race I was driving very comfortably, controlling the tires a lot, riding easy, really,” explained the Barcelona native.

“When I was first and they marked me on the board between 0.5 and 0.7 ahead, I thought, gosh, how easy! But the truth is that when Pecco passed me I had to force myself to follow him, I went from leading easily to losing. the grip”, explained the man from Suzuki.

From then on, things got complicated for Rins, who was gradually overtaken until he finished 7th.

“I didn’t have traction on the rear tire, especially on the right, and when I came out of the corners I started to skid, I lifted the bike, I lowered my body to traction, but I couldn’t find grip, I couldn’t keep up with those in front “, Settled that of Suzuki, who next season will run with LCR-Honda.

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