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Rins: "We are going to show that Suzuki was wrong in deciding to leave MotoGP"

Alex Rins was one of the most affected when those responsible for the Japanese structure communicated, on Monday of last week, to his entire detachment in Jerez, that the MotoGP project was going to close the blind at the end of this season.

The Barcelonan, one of the clear candidates to fight for the title this year, had spent months negotiating with the executives of the brand the extension of his contract, which expires in November. Surely for this reason, nothing made him suspect that those conversations would be reduced to ashes after the news advanced by that same Monday, and confirmed this Thursday, a week and a half later, by the Hamamatsu manufacturer.

Rins is now accumulating a double job. For one thing, focus on the track. On the other, decide, together with his agent, which will be the best place to continue his career, given that he will not be able to continue doing so dressed as Suzuki .

“The decision that Suzuki has made is hard, it has been a hard blow for everyone. When they told us on Monday, after the rehearsal in Jerez, I broke down; I started to cry. Since 2017 I gave everything for Suzuki to have a competitive motorcycle and, suddenly, they pick up and tell you that next year will not continue,” said Rins, already from Le Mans, and as the first spokesman for Suzuki, who has maintained a surprising policy of silence imposed from Japan.

“We have to continue doing what we are doing. Right now, I only have phones on the table; nothing else,” added the Catalan about his future. “We have the option of collapsing thinking that we don’t have a bike for next year, or to continue pushing, with our heads held high. Looking at the mechanics, that is the one they have decided to follow and so have I,” agreed the Catalan, who currently occupies fourth position in the general table, 20 points behind the leader, Fabio Quartararo.

“We are going to show Suzuki that he was wrong with the decision to leave MotoGP. It would be fun to go to Valencia to pick up the championship title and see the face of the Japanese. But, in the end, the decision is made and nothing would change” , the #42 abounded, who, despite the slap in the face, wants to trust Suzuki’s commitment until the checkered flag falls for the last stop on the calendar, in Valencia.

“I have confidence in Suzuki until the end of the year. The budget for this year is closed. As I have been told, in Montmeló we will have a new aerodynamic package, which is already in production. I believe it. I have rarely seen a Japanese crying, and when they gave us the news, they were on the ground,” Rins added.

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